Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"I like you because you make me look zen."

Total: ten dollars!

Today's subject line brought to you via me as something I said to H3 this morning as we were warming up for the 2k erg test & he just. could. not. stop. talking. heh.

Seriously, I do like H3. He's good people. Little tense though. R.S. Monkey, I hereby give up & cede the challenge of getting H3 to go out with us to you -- he's going to sculling camp Pres. Day weekend - with his mom in town. I was like, "Dude, you're ditching your mom? I have friends coming to town so I'm not going, but you're ditching your mom!"

I will admit though, that if hell freezes over & I sell the manuscript for Book I, H3 is so totally who I'd trust to proof my contracts. ;)

In other news, between my client conference call at 8 pm last night that was an utterly pointless exercise which could totally have been taken care of via e-mail & saved us all the rigamarole of my client's 3-way call system & the discovery that my portable phone's battery was low when it hung up on everyone halfway through the conversation, as well as the revelation that Money!Dot!Com!Co!'s sales office put in for ads to be resized but never actually sent dimensions & can't understand why things weren't done for the deadline to the vendor (a deadline which, as much as designers might joke, literally was yesterday) brain hurts a little.

Also, I seem to have broken my glasses. or, rather lost the screw for the right arm. That's right folks, I am officially missing a screw. ha. ha. hah.

However, because I'm determined to have a happy note to this entry, I'd like to point out that I set up my meals for the rest of the week last night, and I don't have practice tomorrow morning. Let's face it, I probably won't sleep in - it like, goes against my religion or something, but I'll probably get the corrections for done & take Zoey for a run.

Oh, and if someone could explain to me why doing an erg test means that I spend the rest of the day coughing like I'm developing bronchitis, that would be great, thanks.


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

so ya, you've got lactic acid built up in your lungs, likely as not (I am presuming you have no other indicators of exercise induced asthma in this I'm really really not a doctor nor do I play one on TV diagnosis).

Viz: "For the next two days I had trouble walking because of all the lactic acid that had built up in my muscles. I also developed a severe cough (it sounded like a smoker's cough) from the massive amount of lactic acid trapped in my lungs. To cure this I spent a lot of the time stretching and drinking water." from one rower's discussion of da Erg test.


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