Monday, January 30, 2006

Lucy, I'm home!

Total: twenty-nine dollars!

I said that like, five times this weekend. Why? Because I was dogsitting my next door neighbor's pooch, and her name is Lucy, so how can you not call that out when you get home? I dare you to defy the urge!

New List Time:
1. Cook food so you do not piss away money on take out when you've already bought food to cook, dumbass.
2. Last load of laundry.
3. Bedding since you might as well go to the laundromat anyway due to the fact your landlord did not replace the washer/dryer in the building, but thinks that fixing the dryer so it doesn't sound like it's going to blow up and actually dries clothing warrants upping the price of the washer and dryer to $1.25 each. Anyone here know how to say 'Fuck you' in Russian?
4. Hang curtain rod in living room.
5. Clean house
6. Upload last graphic to site, hopefully burn CDs & package up CDs & invoice to go out. (yay! Invoice!)
7. Attempt to make some semblance of order out of chaos of apartment.
8. Update financial spreadsheet.
9. Also package up other mail to go out.
10. Pack bag for crew for tomorrow morning - also include second set of clothes for sculling tomorrow night
11. Take dog for run.
12. Sleep.
13. Don't forget to get up for crew.

...and that should bring us to the next entry. Hoo baby, my life is a whirlygig o' fun.


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