Tuesday, January 03, 2006

making progress...and getting brownies.

Total: two dollars!
yes, I am aware that this will no doubt become a long-standing joke well after my six weeks is up. I can live with that.

Last night, I showed up for sculling with Coach T - I was actually rather looking forward to it, because he has a heavy emphasis on the minutae of rowing technique, which now completely makes sense because I found out last night he used to be a mechanical engineer, so the whole breakdown of each specific detail of the stroke falls in line with the approach of an engineer. (just ask lawgeekgurl's brother. how they are related, I still do not know) One of the things that R.S. Monkey & I have discussed in the past is the fact that because, well, esp. for the members of The Mighty Four - we progressed a little faster than they really expected a Novvie Four to go, and I think sometimes because of that the coaches forget that we've been rowing for less than a year (but hey - R.S. Monkey! We're like, six month veterans now! ::sniff!::), and they just...talk, and don't always explain things that we wouldn't necessarily know. Meanwhile, T breaks technique down to the nano-inth -- we couldn't go out on the water last night*, so we stayed in the boathouse & went over grip & other theory...I even learned an eentsie bit about rigging, it was kind of neat.

On the way out, we were looking at the water, & T was all, "based on this, I don't think I'm going to be rowing tomorrow..." (he doesn't coach on Tues/Thurs., so he often rows his single out with the rest of us) At first I was going to attempt Tues. practice, but then I decided, ya know...when the coaches aren't willing to row in it - that's probably a sign to stay home.

So, of course, it didn't rain this morning, & probably would have been all right to row. ::shrug:: figures.

OMG - I love my agency! The one that got me this job, that is - I just got a box delivered to my desk from a company called "FairyTale Brownies". It's from the girls at CC, congratulating me on getting perm hired. I mean, I can't eat them now what with the fact that I'm thinking they probably doing jive with the Six Week Experiment, but they can go in the freezer & be consumed when The Girls visit on President's Day Weekend. they're even in this spiffy little box with a purple ribbon...Seriously, I know I've been away from SG for like, six mos now (omg, how happy am I about that?) but I'm still not used to nice employers & vendors - I'm all verklempt!

I'm also thinking those bad boys are going to have to be buried under my broccoli in the freezer, or I might get to the end of the six weeks short a dollar or two. Instead, I'm going to have my big ass salad & contemplate that frm now on, I need to use more salad dressing, because kale is a little bit on the bitter side for taste.

*for those of you not up on your worldwide weather, it's been raining the last week or so here in LA. Like, houses floating away kind of rain. that tends to eff up the water for rowing.


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

mmm. kale. ;)

actually, I checked Mollie Katzen's website and she suggests making Kale Crunch which is fairly simple and sounds yummy and is almost snack food!

tahini is also good on steamed kale - heat it with a bit of maple syrup and poor it over the kale. You can add garlic, too.

It seems to me that Anne Lindsey has good kale recipes, too....

At 3:04 PM, Blogger claris said...

I'm perfectly happy using kale in my salads instead of iceberg lettuce, but what I'm finding is what Special K warned me about - you are hungry all the time - after all, bread is more filling. And you can only eat so many raw vegetables & fruits. I think part of my challenge really is going to be just finding things that I find filling for in between full on meals. I seriously may resort back to the playground snack of apples & peanut butter to bring with me tomorrow. ;)

At 3:10 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

fair nuff. I don't personally buy the no carb/low carb thing (I don't think it's healthy to entirely omit food groups- balance is good ;), but if it works for you, great!

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Megdalen said...

Apples and PB is good, also string cheese. You need protein! And have a small, multi-grain roll with your salad and you will feel much better. You need grains, I don't care who says otherwise.

Tips on Kale (from a chick who grew it in the garden this year): Cut out the center stem. This is bitter and yucky. If using in a salad, try throwing some baby spinach in there so it's not wicked obvious which bites have kale in them-- they are the same color and if you don't stare at it, you might not notice which you are about to eat. If cooking kale, cut out center stem and swish it around in a hot pan that has a dot of butter and 1/2 C of chicken boullion (sp?) boiling in it, until it goes limp but not in danger of vanishing down to a wrinkled nothingness. This technique is called "braising." You can also juice kale with carrots and drink it. You will feel so proud, though, that you might subject EVERYONE to a lesson on how good kale is for you. Also, at the Olive Garden, the "zuppa toscana" features kale. It is a sausage-kale soup and is wicked easy to make.

At 10:16 AM, Anonymous raithen said...

because it shall amuse you: they just demoted the sales and marketing guy here - one of their (formerly) most committed employees....

House. of. Cards. about to come tumbling down.

Yes, yes, Find. new. job. I know ;) On that ;).


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