Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Note to self: Don't be lazy.

Total: nine dollars!

...because it will fuck you up for the rest of the week!

I was lazy on Sunday - I got home from msngring & didn't set up my clothes & meals for the week before I went to bed.

Appalling how that comes back to bite you in the ass. I was rushed all day yesterday, I overslept this morning & missed Tues. am practice, and because I didn't get up, I had to sit & hurriedly do an upload for a client & send out a summary e-mail so that I could do the conference call tonight1, which meant I got out the door even later than I normally do when I don't have practice, and hey, that 15 minutes was enough that I had a ticket on my windshield, because I parked on a Tuesday side of the street2, and hey, it's Tuesday, so there goes $30 of my bank acct. Ah, well.

Oh, I had no gas in my car, so I had to stop & do that. Plus I didn't make lunch, so I have to go forage that. I didn't even have breakfast 'cause I don't have any dried fruit left (yes Adina, I made the bag from CostCo last that long - I mix it with fresh fruit)...so I'm also kinda hungry.

I really want to just get CP.com done with -- G's given in & said let's just completely redo votd.com, and that is going to be a huge project, not to mention getting goa.com fully finished. That site was done so fast (need-based sit-chee-ay-chun there) and it could be enhanced tenfold. I need to acquire myself a copy of MS Access for the Mac, upgrade my portfolio servers, and probably toss another gig into my G4 to hold me over for a while. I also may end up hooking a 40 GB hard drive to the Mac, even if it's only to hold my music. (Yes, I am losing most of the memory in my computer to music. I admit it - but at least I've burned the entire season of Rome & the half-season worth of Alias downloads to DVD & gotten them off my hard drive.)

Plus, as I said to Anya this morning, the $$ from CP.com is going to go towards buying me a laptop. Dude, I think I'm getting a Dell. ;) I need it for school this spring, and it'll be way easier to code if I don't have to ask the professor, "So, what's the Mac equivalent for that?"

In other news, my Tai Chi DVD arrived yesterday, so I think when I get home I'm taking Zoey for a run & trying out the PM routine before I do my conference call tonight. All will be well. Why? because I say so, goddammit.

Also because during the conference call, I fully intend to set up my clothes & meals for the rest of the week so that I don't have to deal with any of this for another couple of days....what? That's the joy of working from home!

1. I've been waking up early lately, so I'd gotten into the habit of doing like an hour of billable freelance work before crew practice. Plus, you'd be amazed how impressed clients are that they're getting e-mails you're working on their acct. that are timestamped for 4:15 am. *g* Except G from votd - her reply was, "What were you doing up? How many times do I have to tell you that crystal & meth are not your friends!" - ours is a special kind of professional relationship. ;)
2. Street cleaning - you can't park on a certain side of the street between the hours of say, 8 - 10 am on Tuesdays, Mondays, whatever day they do that section of the city.


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