Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh god, it's only Wed. ::sigh::

Total: twenty-four dollars!


Dear Google:

Normally, I'm down with the Google Plan To Make the World Full Of Primary Colors, but right now, I am very disappointed in you.

~ Claris

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Something about this just makes me happy.
PITTSBURGH - A Wyoming rancher with no connection to the University of Pittsburgh has given the school 4,700 acres of land littered with dinosaur fossils.

But my favorite line? When the rancher (for those of you that didn't click, yes, I mean a literal ranch, thanks) comments on the academic value of the properly by saying:
"It's got all the 'ologies,'" Cook said.

In other news, the lineups for the Long Beach race came out, and I think Rock Star Monkey is willing to admit to my amazing psychic powers. Thank you and good night.


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