Monday, January 09, 2006

She could be a farmer in those clothes...

Total: eight dollars!

If you know what movie that's from, you know the DVD I bought for my sister & the fact that even though I didn't watch it, I'm tempted to go get a copy for myself just to make the quotes stop going through my brain.

Mondays are a long day for me - do 5:20 am practice, then go to work, and then I've got sculling at 6:30 pm. I work 2.34 miles* from the boat house, so there's literally no point in going the 15 miles down the 405 & the 10 to get back to my house in the meantime. So I just stay at work an extra hour - figure if nothing else, it makes me look good, even if I'm not 'zactly doing things that could be construed as "work".

Over the weekend, I took Serenity2 in for a leetle stop at the mechanic's due to her decision to develop the very bad habit of threatening to stall out when idling at say, and intersection or other stop & go traffic. This being a problem because - yah, I live in LA, the land of Stop & Go Traffic.
Amongst other things, I need a severe tune-up. And a transmission flush. But here's the fun thing - since the guys at the shop put 'er back stalling out. Which means I can at least hold off on the tranny flush until the end of the month, & for that we are thankful, since I was living in fear of the words "rebuilt transmission" & "1100 dollars." phew3.

I, like E.Spat, cleaned my apt. on a rather hard core level yesterday. From back to front, the whole place got spiffinated. But sadly, not swiffendated, since as I discovered while on the phone with Melly, my Swiffer seems to have gone MIA. My apt is not large, people. (for LA it is, but in like, real people terms - not so much) I have no idea how I misplaced a frackin' Swiffer, unless I lent it to a neighbor & forgot about it. (That happens in ye olde 1049) The result of this being me making the comment to Melly, "Meanwhile I'm on my hands & knees dusting the floor like fucking Cinderella..."

But hey - the apt. is clean, all the laundry is done...tonight I just have to cook for like, ever. Just as I was about to start cooking yesterday, I got a call to deliver some blood from Duarte to LAX, so I did that instead & by the time I got home, I just couldn't make myself do anything except put the clean sheets back on the bed & sleep. Which, incidentally is why I had none of my bags packed this morning, had to rush around the house, and literally ran down the ramp to be at practice on time...squeaking in just as Coach I called my name4.
In fact, I didn't pack lunch for myself, & will therefore be partaking of Panini's Chinese Chicken Salad today...because hey - no bread! Have to bake brownies tonight though - I promised one of my PMs that when we launched this last campaign, I'd make him brownies. I just...can't have any. ::sadness::

In other news, acc. to Sam, Yosemite could blow up any day now, which makes me torn -- on the one hand, I should really go see it while I live in CA & can drive there, especially if it's gonna blow up w/o warning. On the other, knowing me, it would so blow up when I'm there, and I'd just never hear the end of that.

Also? I would so totally drive The Mini Traveller. In a heartbeat - Zoey could fit that!

Also Also? Since I did so much stuff, I have to make a new list. Sweeeeeeeet....

AlsoAlsoAlso? I need to go through my yarn & see what colors I have - a couple of my friends are being all breed-ey, so it's time to knit again....

Oh, and I think waiting for next week's BattleStar Gallactica episode just might kill me. Seriously. Adina's evil, she sent me spoilers!

1. Acc. to Google Maps.
2. formerly the Clarismobile, but re-named due to the milestone of now being not only paid for but also legal in the state of CA - it only took 3.5 yrs of residency, but who's counting other than Lawgeekgurl whose oath on for the bar means she has apoplexy when we discuss my car ins., but that's another subject for another post and a problem to be fixed around Feb, seriously!
3. Those of you that are Joss Whedon fans will understand that my car is named thusly due to the fact that the primary buffer panel is the only thing thathasn't been replaced & at times I'm pretty sure the sheer will of the pilot was the only reason it moved.
4. New rule as of Jan 1st on MWF - if you're not there at 5:20, you don't row. As the girl who often ambled in at 5:23/5:25 am, you can see how this requires a certain amt. of planning & effort on my part.


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