Tuesday, January 24, 2006

These days.

Total: twenty-three dollars!

There's that Monday.

• The day you're dealing with a meglomaniacal copywriter who is the person you would be working with on every project, regardless of project manager.

• The day you start to give serious thought to the fact that as much as you like your work & you're paid well, you're also tired of the constant battle involved in your industry where you spend half your time trying to educate others that your job is Designer, not Pictoral Stenographer.

• The day you talk to Anya on the phone and utter the statement, "I'm three months into my job. I shouldn't already be documenting things and filing e-mails to defend myself later."

• The day that his version of including you in critiques of your own work is to go, talk to the PM beforehand, prep what they want changed, and then have both of them dictate a list of changes and tell you that even if what you're saying is legit, they think that the customers have too short an attention span so we need to make the concept as quick and flashy as possible, and then after the PM leaves, the copywriter doubles back & spends ten minutes standing in your cube hounding you about whether he & I "are okay" because he really wants everything to be okay with us, and despite your assertation that you actually need to get back to work, he continues to try to "connect" with you, because he continues to question if "everything is okay" to the point of being downright harassing.

• The day you realize that you're dealing with the same sort of insecure middle-aged, socially awkward asshole who's trying to make himself feel better by controlling every project he works on obsessively, whether it's his job to do so or not that was the reason you left your last full time job - because a year & a half of fighting wasn't worth the panic attacks, and you know from experience that trying to explain to your boss what she's going to have to deal with ahead of time is no use, because until you've lived it, it just seems like a deleted storyline from Office Space -- funny, but that never really happens, right?

-->That's the day you sit back from you computer at work, sigh, and softly say, "Maybe I should just look for a new job, because I don't have the strength to do this again." And you get up from your desk, and you walk into the parking lot, and you return the phone call of the agency that called you earlier in the week, because you figure it can't hurt.

Then you walk into your apt. exhausted, sit down at your computer to check the outside e-mail you can't access at work, and discover an unsolicited e-mail from a major motion picture studio's recruiter asking if you'd be interested in a Project Manager position in their Entertainment Products division.

Then there's that Tuesday.

• The day when you spend your time staying late at work before sculling to update your resume.


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Megdalen said...

Hard sayin' not knowin', but maybe you're in a profession that attracts the kinds of idiots you described to a 'T'? I don't know how you collect them. I think the next time they pull that stunt you should call them on it with a concise sentence: "If you'd like to include me in the decisions, don't make them all beforehand. Or go ahead, but don't pretend I have a say."

Good luck with the new job prospect!


At 11:37 PM, Blogger claris said...

Oh Meg, you know me - you think I haven't? Actually, the last one (which was about the sixth e-mail) went much like this:

I'd like to once again stop and stress the importance of including the designer in the critique & discussion of a creative concept. If the copywriter & project manager are going to discuss a sample, then it would be advantageous to call the 3rd person involved in the project, especially since that is the member responsible for executing the production & would therefore be able to give a better perspective on what is & is not applicable.

Rah. rah. rah.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous raithen said...

Oy vey. Not again.


but given the industry of new!job! colour me not surprised....

If it's any consolation, writers/editors/directors of comm'n can get shut out too!

and YAY! re: recruiter call.


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