Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You know how it is - some mothers smother with love...mine used pillows.

Total: three dollars!

So I think my quote of the day for yesterday has a hands-down winner in the phrase, "Well, I thought about calling back my drunk mother, but I decided to call you instead."
Melly agreed that was the better decision & really, shows growth for me as a person.
Yes, Anya, that's why I didn't bother leaving a msg. when I called your house.
I dunno though. If it keeps up like this, I think if I go back east to do crew camp this summer, my visit to New England may involve my sister & I sitting my mom down & discussing a little thing called AA. If nothing else, as I pointed out to Melly - it must totally run up their long-distance bill, and I'm probably the last person to be my mom's sponsor, thanks.

Acc. to the IM left on my computer Adina got bored & started herself a blog. (I'm moving you all off LJ, one by one mwahahahaaa...) Unfortunately, the AIM did not include a url, so I have no idea what that blog is called. Ah, well.

Also, one of our PMs is just way too energetic by far. Seriously, I think we need to tranq the man - just a little, please. Just being the same room with him makes me a little manic. and when I say that, really...sad.

Have I mentioned that this whole ordered life attempt thing means that have to participate in copious amts. of planning? because no one warned me about that. I had to actually think ahead today, and that's just wrong, yo. I left my house at 4:45 am with a backpack with my stuff for work & my lunch, my gym bag so I could shower after crew, and then another set of gym clothes so I can go run & lift after work*.

And, just because she's been making with the Casting Of Baleful Looks again, I think since there's no morning crew practice tomorrow (sculling at night though), Zoey's going for a 4 mile run. Who knows, I might even go with her.

*for those of you wondering about Zoey, a neighbor walks her on MWF - yes, my dog has her own nanny now, I'm so very LA.

Crap. I think it's also time to make a new list.


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