Monday, February 06, 2006

..and he doesn't even know that I accidentally found our cox on the internet over the weekend.

Total: Thirty-five dollars!

In then context of rowing, that actually is a legitimate sentence. great sport, mine.

What is with everyone today? I thought it was just me, but no no! There seems to be a general high goin' 'round the world. R.S. Monkey is threatening to smack others due to mediocrity, I'm hyper as hell, and I literally just had the following conversation:

Project Manager J: I have a name for my course!
Claris: Okay. Hit me.
PM J: ::Name of product here::
Claris: Isn't that the same thing we were calling Chapter 1?
PM J: Probably. Okay, I have a meeting, and I'll get back to you.
Claris: You do that!

So I did my first erg crash competition at Long Beach on Saturday. And I sucked. SUCKED. We're not going to discuss it other than to say I was so pissed that I literally got up off my erg, walked to my car, and just. drove. home. I didn't even stay for my split times.

I will say this one thing - if, perchance, you are a coach, I would like to offer the following advice. If you have certain members of the team that you prefer, and certain members that you do not, it would be most appreciated if you do not stop at the person you do not prefer's erg thirty seconds before a race starts, tell her that her display is wrong, and then go stand behind the team member that takes private lessons from you. Because it will, you know, possibly startle Person A and eff up her race. Just skip the girl you don't like, and proceed to Person B, because Person A pretty much figured out the deal a while ago, & learned how to prep & train for a race w/o you, thanks.

Speaking of which, since I sucked such complete ass at Long Beach, I decided that I'm going to hie my way down to San Diego this Saturday and do it all over again. Because I am indeed, sick & wrong that way.
coach's permission? psh. Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

As for this morning's row...heh. I just do not feel I could do it justice. Indeed.

I also took the opportunity that is SuperBowl weekend to go to Ikea & get less run over - I'm really not kidding when I say the majority of the patrons in Ikea on SuperBowl sunday were not speaking English. I could recognize French, German, Spanish, & several Asian languages - ah, America. Ain't it grand? Anyway, I managed to walk away with naught but a few new bedding items & some cookie pans, thereby once again proving my title of "Resolve of Steel" given to me by my former neighbor Sunny, who was in awe that I can walk Ikea for two hours & spend less than $40.


At 5:56 AM, Blogger Megdalen said...

There are some tawdry rumors that there may be an IKEA coming to Massachusetts, but I'll believe it when Wendy sees it.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger claris said...

My mom mentioned that once. She was like, "Do you know what this Ikea thing is?"

Yeah...yeah I do.

btw, my parents got a computer. My sister & I have already agreed none of our livejournals or blogs exist.

Or dear god.


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