Monday, February 27, 2006

Fuck you, Little Non-Smiley Man. Fuck. You.

Gods, I'm tired. For those of you just turning in, sometimes being a girl SUCKS. And I don't even have it as bad as other girls I know - I learned this mostly by the fact that some of my friends in the past may have reacted to my version of PMS with a shaky fist & a raining down of epithets.

See, where some girls are uncomfortable for two weeks out of the month due to pre, during, & post, my body is having none of that. Those who know me won't be all surprised at the fact that I think, somewhere along the way, my body decided, "Fuck this shit, let's just get it over with as quickly as possible! Power through, reproductive system, power through!" - which is to say that if this were crew, it could be expressed that my body just does steady state for about four days, except it's at a 30 stroke rate and my coach is in the launch yelling that we're doing power 20's all the way.
R.S. Monkey is possibly the only person reading that actually understood all of that, but the short version is that it fucking sucks.

Also? I highly advocate against starting Weight Watchers the week before you get your period. I did my weigh in this morning, & because I "gained" two pounds, I got the non-happy face...He looks kinda like this :
0 0

And then he gave me a pseudo-comforting schpiel about how sometimes, the first week of a diet plan is the hardest, but I'll do better this week!
You know what I say to that? I say, "Fuck you, Little Non-Smiley Man. Fuck. You."

In addition, it is now raining in L.A. Gods help us all, every single psycho is about to come out & play on the highway. I pretty much already know that I won't have sculling tonight (the boats are fiberglass, but the rigging's metal) but I'm staying at work until 6:30 anyway because there's no use trying to go home right now - besides, as I said to R.S. Monkey, by the time I get there, the gym will be deserted - it'll be 7pm, it's raining, & thankfully, the ides of march = the waning attendance of the New Years' Resolutioners.
Which reminds me. I have to go burn that last DVD of Rome eps & get them off my hard drive. Ah, Cesar...Ciaran Hinds played you so well, I was actually sad when you died - and I'm the girl that sat in Titanic & went, "So...when's the boat gonna start to sink?"


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Megdalen said...

I was the girl who sat through Titanic and actually started to cry, until the chick next to me started to SOB, at which point I buttoned it up.


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