Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I don't smoke pot, but my DJ Missi does.

Total: Thirty-one dollars!

I have no excitement. really, I don't. Right now I'm just trying to get everything done, maybe start an article, and re-org my hard drive. I don't really think any of that is especially blog-able... Oh, wait. Once again, something was going on in my neighborhood on Tues. night. How do I know that? Because of all of the helicopters. that's how you know things are going on in LA, after all - you follow the sound of the news 'copters. And geezum capeezum, were they ALL OVER my 'hood the other night. Which means that either some celebrity thing was going on somewhere that was worth the news, or a crime was going on that warranted the cops. Of course, you neighborhood only truly gains "Punch Buggy, no return" street cred is when a celebrity is involved in a crime, and you get the news and the cops circling the air at the same time.

Oh god, I know I'm forgetting something, but here goes:
New List Time:
1. Meet new client at 5:30 today, smile & nod a bunch.
2. Cleaned kitchen last night, so clean bathroom tonight.
3. do Flat Stanley CD, drop in mail overnight & send greeneyes apology for being such a suck-ass Flat Stanley host. Oy.
4. Hopefully invoice ::crosses fingers::
5. Burn archives, remove files from hard drive & flash drive.
6. Hang L shelves, move phone & alarm clock.
7. Throw out old alarm clock, since I haven't used it in three mos, & as of this morning slept through my cell phone alarm & missed crew, so obviously my body has adjusted to that noise & it's time to break out the alarm clock R.S. Monkey gave me for my bday. *g*
8. Apply for Dell credit to see if I can get a PC laptop. ::crosses toes::
9. Make chicken mango won tons so that I have something besides salad to eat at work tomorrow.
10. Take dog for run.
11. Attempt to make some semblance of order out of chaos of apartment.
12. Back up heinsite server so I can upgrade to .asp server tomorrow w/o worrying about shit getting lost.
13. Leave payment for dogsitter.
14. Lay out clothes for morning.
15. Sleep.
16. Don't forget to get up early & take dog for run, since writer's workshop is tomorrow.
17. Nothing yet, just felt like ending on a prime number.


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