Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm gonna get you a button. It will say "curmudgeonly bastard". You can wear it to meetings.

Total: Thirty-six dollars!

So...anyone know where I would go to get a button made for one of my PMs? Anyone? R.S. Monkey, I know you know this one, you know all this stuff.

Skipped crew this morning so I could get some stuff done & out the door, including the brief w/ samples that FrogStudio requested following my phone screening last week. I actually didn't plan to miss crew, but I started working at 3 am, & looked up & it was 4:30 am, and I had nothing packed and was still working, and...yeah. The good news is that a crapload of stuff is done, and G isn't organized enough to actually keep track of shiznit, so at least I don't have a cox-ing penalty. back to the normal routine tomorrow morning, jiggedy, jig.

Besides, I think I brightened Zoey's whole day when we walked the two miles round trip to the Post Office & back. I know it says "No dogs other than those for the impaired" but ya know what? It's 6:15 am. I think my dog can run in circles in the empty lobby while I use the automated postage machine. The blessed, blessed automated postage machine, how I love you so.
Plus, I finally remembered to drop off my NetFlix. I might actually have new movies to watch on Sat when I get back from San Diego & don't want to move.

It's a very small comfort to me, but while the lists aren't really getting any shorter, at least the items are changing. Slowly, yes, but changing nonetheless.
Daily List
1. Clean bathroom (and dog) tonight.
2. Hang L shelves, move phone & alarm clock.
3. Throw out old alarm clock, since I haven't used it in three mos, & as of this morning slept through my cell phone alarm & missed crew, so obviously my body has adjusted to that noise & it's time to break out the alarm clock R.S. Monkey gave me for my bday. *g*
4. Make chicken mango won tons so that I have something besides salad to eat at work tomorrow.
5. Look up references from GoA.com research from this morning that work's webnanny will not let me see
6. Put out clothes & set up bag for crew & work
7. Back up heinsite server so I can upgrade to .asp server w/o worrying about shit getting lost.
8. E-mail Nic & Nora zip for Coven, vol. 1 review.
9. Fix duvet covers bought at Ikea.
10. Cut new curtains for back office.
11. Iron material bought to make new skirts.
12. Fold laundry before you lose dog under pile of clean, dry, but otherwise unkempt clothing. because really? Losing the dog = things that would probably be bad.
13. Go for run.
14. Clean up desk. (hah)


At 2:29 PM, Blogger R.S. Monkey said...

Of course I know where you can get those button made. However, I know it wouldn't surprise you if I told you I could probably make it myself. Seriously...who am I?

At 3:14 PM, Blogger claris said...

See, you have like, all the party-type stuff down..what I haven't revealed to you is the sad truth that I was, in fact, raised by a mother & grandmother who instilled the same skills needed if one were a housewife in Queens in the first half of the century - i.e., where you can whip up the sashes & spiffy hats, I actually know how to sew my own clothing, knit, crochet, and needlepoint. (no, seriously, I can needlepoint)
As I joked to someone the other day...if need be, I could technically make my own trousseau. Thankfully, there's the internet, so I don't have to.

Together, we are scary indeed.
(and I'll let you know what colors to use for that button. rawk.)


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