Thursday, March 16, 2006

Can this week be over now?

The bad: The accountant that Neighbor Beth rec'd to me as being utterly fantabulous at making anyone with a freelance aspect to their income never have to pay taxes is fully booked. (Yes, I waited until March to call an accountant. I'm an idiot.)
The good: Said accountant followed that up with, "Of course, if you want to just file an extension & wait until May, we can do it then..."
::ponder:: Hey, it's no harm no foul, sure.
and then he gave me instructions on what to fax over to him so his office could do it for me. What? An accountant in LA doesn't have a dime of my money & is willing to file my extension for me? Now I see why Beth says he's the best. Come May 1st, I'm calling Larry back, that's fo'sho...

The bad: the left headphone for my Nano keeps cutting out. I have to buy new heaphones.
The good: New headphones!

The bad: I am in no way prepared for tomorrow's erg test.
The good: I already e-mailed R.S. Monkey & told her I wouldn't be there, so I won't accrue a cox-ing penalty. I intend to spend the night doing all the things in my house that need to be done, & possibly taking my dog for a walk. Because she will like that. (the dog, that is. Not R.S. Monkey)

In half an hour, I'm going to leave work & go do a second interview. Wish me luck, kids.


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