Monday, March 27, 2006

Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

You know, here's the thing. I'm not an attention whore. Seriously. I am, for the most part, really kind of okay with going unnoticed. But there's a difference between going unnoticed & ...well I don't know what to call it.

On Friday, I did two highly interesting (to me) things:

1. I gave notice at my job
2. I made the first step towards possibly switching boathouses, and notified both my coach & the head of the boathouse that I was doing so.

And in both cases I've heard...nuffin'. Seriously. All of my bosses were out on Friday, but they're in today. It's 10:30. I've been in the office since about 8...and yeah no. Quit? Who quit? If it wasn't for the fact that I physically handed in a letter of resignation on Friday, I'd think they were ignorant of the issue, but really? I'm doubting that.

As for the would seem my Coach, whose tendency to ignore the people she doesn't think are "worthy" is to just not acknowledge that she even got an e-mail at all. I know it went out, because I bcc-ed myself & R.S. Monkey so that I would know it didn't get lost in cyberspace. So far not only have I not gotten any e-mail reply, but it would seem her route to a solution is to write my name up on the board so I know what seat I'm in & otherwise pretend I don't exist. Oh, wait, no, at one point she told me to drop my oar a little more - or, I realized she meant me after she called me Katie again & I didn't answer. Hey guess what, that's still not my name, thanks.

Whatever. Tomorrow morning is A Boat practice. Getting a sentence yelled across the water as G speeds by with the San Diego crew is still more coaching than I get in three days' practice with Coach I, so hey, there's something to look forward to.


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous raithen said...



No, seriously. WTF??? They have said NOTHING about you quitting?!


The boathouse stuff, well, ya. What.ever. there. Because clearly, Coach has Issues. But at work? ::boggle::


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