Friday, March 17, 2006

I am ten feet tall!

Or, that's how I feel, anyway. Last Friday night, I bought these shoes:

Now, I'm about 5'9", 5'10", depending on the accuracy of who's doing the measuring. These shoes are about 3 1/2" high. Which means I'm about 6, 6'1" right now.

How not used to that am I?

You gotta understand people - if left to my own devices, I would happily trundle around in my Doc Marten sandals or sneakers all day, every day. And due to that, all the things that are familiar to me take into account the fact that I'm used to always being a certain height.

Things like...

...sitting down. It turns out when there's an extra three inches between you & (sadly yes) the toilet seat in the apartment you've lived in for three years now...that throws off your balance!

...walking around. I have this double set of closet doors in my hallway. when I'm my normal height, I can walk under the top cabinet doors. In these shoes, it would seem I will crack my skull on the corner of the door if it is left open. OW.

..lifting your feet higher. No, seriously, I have to lift my feet higher to clear the ground. And I'm forced to stand up straigher if I don't want to resemble one of the shuffle-step muffin-top* hoochies that walk around on Melrose.

This "being a girl" shit is work. I'm not sure I'm down with that, but I suppose I need to work on getting the hang of it eventually, and hey, 26 is a great age to start!

Stop laughing, Anya.

*muffin-top (trans.) the girls you see who buy low rise jeans but don't know enough to buy a size or half size above what they normally wear so that they don't have a pooch of fat spilling over the top of the waistband. That one comes to us courtesy of Special K - where she got it from, I do not know.

Oh, and... I think I may have done well on my interview yesterday. Should know by Wed. Eep!

ETA: Before anyone asks...yes, that is indeed a half-chewed rawhide bone in the bottom left of that picture. What can I say, Zoey needs to put herself into everything..


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

Purty sandals!

but at 5'2" I don't DARE anything higher than - pauses to measure heel on boots -- 2" or I break myself. Ankles, head, back -- all are at risk. One time I bought this 3 1/2" heel on a really cute dress shoe. I wore them around the house first. Kept whacking my head. Shoes. Returned. Dangerous, they are!


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