Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I want a do-over.

I did the work. I totally did the work. and yet...not so much with the something to show for it.

My C programming teacher requires all assignments be turned in on 3 1/2 floppies. (no, seriously) However, my computer at work doesn't even have a floppy slot anymore. So I very deliberately went out, bought a couple floppies & a little hard case for them, & placed it in my backpack last night. Then today, I did the work on my flash drive on my lunch, & trundled to school to transfer the files to my floppies.

Which I could not find. Anywhere.Upon arriving home, I can verify that I didn't even make the dumbass mistake of leaving them on my desk. ::sigh::

I updated the back end section of votd's password protected site - however, because my work doesn't allow for ftp access, I have to bring the pages in on a flash drive, do the changes, then upload them when I get home. Well, today I wanted to charge my nano while I was goofing off doing freelance work, so I copied the folder to my desktop.
I have just discovered that I forgot to transfer the files back.

Why? Because I'm a feckin' eejit, that's why.

However, my life still isn't as bad as the one that I overheard talking on her cell phone as I walked across campus tonight :

You know, first you tell me in the hospital that you wish I wasn't your daughter because you liked the other girl better, and now you're starting this with me?

And I thought I had problems. Ah, Los Angeles - always there in the clinch to remind you that there's always someone weirder.


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