Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I would sell your soul for a nap.

What? I'm sure as fuck not going to sell mine - I might need it later!

Seriously, it's days like this that make me think, "Why am I in school again?" Because I have to go tonight & turn in about two weeks' worth of work thanks to the fact that my car scared the crap out of me last Tuesday, thus sending me to the mechanic instead of school. And then I have the work for my online courses to do. And I have to re-send those samples to DSpot for her site, because we found out this morning that while I sent them & thought she'd just been too busy to reply, she figured I'd been too busy to send them, and hey, how much you wanna bet that e-mail shows up in her inbox about two days after I give her the final CDs? I know, I know...easy money.

Meanwhile, because I started up at the gym again last night and followed that by practice this morning, I'm achey and sleepy. I didn't even row today - I was the coswain in a 4. Which, actually, is probably why I'm achey, because I didn't warm up my muscles & now they're all Crreeeeeeeeakeeeeee... Did you hear that? That sound like an old hinge? Yeah, that's just my entire body. The thunk was my brain.

In other news, my car (which caused the class skippage last week) still isn't fixed. Is that due to lack of effort on my part? Oh no no, my friend, it is not. I dutifully called out sick of work last Wed. (I found out I got a new job last Tues., so you gotta figure if I haven't taken a sick day in 6 mos & I knew I was quitting Friday, that was pretty much the time) so that the mechanic could have Serenity for a full day.

And they found the problem. It was a sensor. A teensy, tiny, sensor that would cost me $200, and would require three days to arrive. Crap.

On the one hand, we knew it was an electrical problem, & they've been slowly eliminating all the things it isn't to figure out what it is, so hey! we know what it is!

On the other hand, I just want my flippin' car to work.

So my only travels for the last three days have been home-->crew-->work-->home. (Shoosh on you, crew is two miles from work.)

Yesterday, the choir of automotive angels sung in a heavenly chorus & I discovered that yes! My sensor had arrived! So I cut out of work early (what are they gonna do, fire me?) and drop my car at the mechanic.

Twenty minutes later, I get a phone call -- they've sent my mechanic the right box, but the wrong sensor in the box. ::sigh:: And so now, they have to re-order & it will be another three days. Son of a...

Which means that tonight, instead of going to school, I'm going to trundle home, because I don't feel like risking having my car stall out in the middle of the 10 E at 10pm at night. (At 4:15, we're all only going about 15 mph, no one's going to notice as long as I stay in the far right lane. 10 pm, people are doing at least 55, so it'd be a bit of a hazard, ya know?) And then I'm going to e-mail my professor about the fact that my car SUCKS. Once I've done that, I'll hoof my boo-tay down to the Grove & do about three week's worth of notes because if I stay home...well, my desk is about ten, maybe fifteen feet from my bed, and the Great Nap Temptation just might be too much for me.

Here goes nuffin'.

And for those of you counting, one of my bosses has acknowledged that I'm leaving. Of course, he did this about five hours after the agency that got me this gig called me to do an exit interview on the company because my boss had already called them by 9:30 that day to arrange for my replacement. The other boss? Yeah, she hasn't said boo. Of course, one of the PMs mysteriously disappeared today, so she could be busy with that one, since we don't entirely know if he walked or he was walked. Good times, good times here at Money!Dot!Com....

In truth, the fact that I go to the lawgeek blogs for amusement should tell you how sad my life is. Seriously, right there is commentary.


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

naps. highly. overrated.

also: *SNORE*

and your almost former Company is funny! But not as stupid as the sensor supplying company.

did coach ever acknowledge your great club shifting efforts?

At 2:21 PM, Blogger claris said...

Nope. But now I'm welcome at the A level practices on Thurs as well as Tues. Go figure. ::shrug::

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous raithen said...

funny, that.... ;)


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