Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not sure what I'm looking for...I'll know it when I see you...

Practice today was fun, but kinda weird. I rowed in the BigKids' practice, but a four, not the racing boat. (Which I'm so totally fine with, trust me) but our stroke was Coach L, who first taught R.S. Monkey & I to row. She's since retired from coaching, but still rows with the development level practices. I think a part of me was still a little amused by having her in the boat with us. heh.
We also used the old oars, which have a thicker tactile foam on the handles...my hands are finally used to the new C2 oars, so going back to the old Croakers meant that I got all new friction burn blisters from the old ones. As I said to Sab afterwards when I was snipping them open (yes, it's best just to take a pair of nail clippers, snip it open to drain it, slap on some Neosporin & a Band Aid & move on - never let anyone tell you anything different), you know you're a rower when you open up a blister, take a moment to consider it, & think, "Wow, that's a really good one." She laughed & agreed that the worst part is that you're proud of it, because no one else but a rower would laugh at it with you. Sad, but true.

I was supposed to have an interview today, but due to the high amt. of DayQuil I'm on right now, I think I'm going to call & post pone until tomorrow so that I'll be able to communicate in a semi-cognizant fashion. Plus, it gives me the extra hour or two that I'll need to put my portfolio in order & update everything. I actually need to just buy a new book & start over, but that's another project for another day....

Speaking of buying things, I got a letter yesterday from my bank. In my continuing effort to have a less chaotic life, I went to my bank last Sept & put down a small (very small) sum on a secured credit card - the kind where they hold the deposit against your card for a year, rah rah rah...I'm attempting to rectify the damage done by my car loan co. from when I closed out the loan & paid for the dang car. (Don't ask. Whole thing) Anyway, so I'd set up a weekely payment of $25 to go automatically so that it showed a steady stream of regulated payments...turns out that that also improved my record with the bank -- the letter said they're doubling my credit limit on the card & releasing my deposit six mos. early. Sweeeeeeeet... not that I'll be using the card any more than I do now, but I think half my deposit is going in my ING acct, & the other will be buying me a flat screen monitor so I can reclaim a good amt. of deskspace back. Anya, I hereby say...go shopping!

We'll see. Considering the hassle I went through to get the damn thing initialized in the first place, I figure my deposit should show up around like, May. Or maybe August. And before anyone asks why I don't just switch banks, the answer is because my bank keeps buying everyone else, so why go through the hassle of switching to someone else if they're just going to get bought & I'll be with my old bank again.

G gave me the A Boat off the water workouts today - and, in a sad commentary on L.A. traffic, I got permission to go to the boathouse on Thurs mornings & erg. Why would I go to the boathouse on a day that I won't be on the water? Because I work about 2.5 miles from the boathouse, and it's actually more efficient to get up & go to the boathouse for 5:20 & erg there than to go to my gym which is 1.5 miles from my house, erg there, and then have to fight L.A. traffic to get to work - the same trip that takes me 20, 25 min at 5 am will take me almost an hour at 7:15.

Also, I'm glad the oscars are over because Sunday night those helicopters were annoying as all hell.

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