Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This is one of "Those Days", isn't it?

This morning, I shot up straight from the pillows. I could hear birds, I could see some sun. FUCK.

In terms of crew, this meant I'd slept throught practice. I lunged for my cell phone, wondering why I hadn't heard it to off at 4:15 am.

It was 4:11 am. Hey guess what - spring is here, we get sunlight earlier. Fuckin' spring.

Okay. Okay okay - for once I'm up, I'm actually ahead of schedule. Which is good, because I need to go get gas. Say buh-bye to the dog, go to the car, go to the gas station.

Put six dollars in the little cash kiosk thingy, put in that I want to use #1. Beautiful. I'm gonna be early for once.

Hyper druggie guy walking by : "Got change?"

Try to pump gas - nothin'. Acc to the girl inside, I never put any money in.
::blinks:: what? No, I put six dollars in.
Well, that's not what my machine says, so how do I know you did it?
Because of the big bulletproof window you were watching me out of when I did it! You saw me put money in the machine!
Hyper Druggie Guy : Hey, I think it works now, just use your card, lady!
::repeat variations of this for a few minutes::
You - Get the fuck away from me. You - either give me back six dollars or give me six dollars in gas.
I don't know that you paid. You have to pay me to get gas.
What is your manager's name?
Excuse me?
I'm going to pay you cash right now, but I will be back later this afternoon. Therefore, I want the owner's name so I know who to ask for when I come back to complain about the fact that you're harassing me. It's 5 am. I am not high, I am not scamming you. Your machine just took my money, and you are giving me a hard time when I saw you watch me put the money in it. And I know you weren't watching any other customers, because there aren't any other customers. So I'm going to give you ten dollars, you're going to give me the owner's damn name, and I'm going to be late to practice, which means I'm going to have to ride the fucking launch. Are we clear?
HDG: Hey lady, just use the machine & give me the cash.
If you don't get the fuck away from me, I will kill you with my bare hands.

::pump gas::

I start to pull out, & the girl in the booth is all waving at me. What? The gas nozzle is no longer connected to my vehicle, and I know I put the gas cap back on. Oh no no, my friends. She beckons me back to the booth and hands me six dollars.

On the one hand - hey, I got my six bucks back.
On the other - we couldn't have gotten to that point ten minutes ago? wtf?

And yes, I was late for practice, and since Coach T was running things today, I was able to just erg instead of riding the launch, so I could get to work early, which is fine because I'm leaving early. I had an interview in Encino, but I thought about it, and honestly - I really don't want to have to drive to Encino every day from Marina Del Rey. So I sent an e-mail politely cancelling the interview & explaining why (in LA, fear of commute actually is a viable reason for turning down a job that no one will blame you for), but adding that if they would ever like offsite freelancing done, by all means call me, rah rah rah. However, since I was already slated to leave early, and I got here early... Fuck yes, I'm leaving early, thanks.

Oh, and before anyone asks, the reason I sent an e-mail instead of calling is because, as I explained to the interviewer in the e-mail, it would appear that I left my cell phone at home. Because I'm spectacular that way. (Don't worry Melly, I left the spectacular part out from my e-mail)

It's 9am & I already want a nap. No. Fair.


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