Friday, March 24, 2006

Well what the hell was I thinking when I did that?

In anticipation of the fact I gave two weeks notice today, I went through yesterday, backed up all my projects on my hard drive & cleaned it of all of my personal files. (aka, the projects that I work on after 11:30 when I've run out of work for the day)

Last night, I didn't plug my nano in to my computer, so it needs to be charged this morning, thus using the open USB port on my work hard drive.

All of my non-work files are on a flash drive.

You see my quandry. Even for me, one can only scan the internet for so long.

I did, however, manage to give my notice. Both the Marketing Dir. & the VP of Internet Creative..whatever are out today, so I had to give it to the VP's second in command, P. Sorry P, didn't want to start your Friday like that.

Speaking of starting a Friday like that, I did about 1250 of a 2k erg test this morning & my whole body just went, "Hey! Fuck you!" so I stopped. And honestly? I think it's because I just...don't want to do it right now. Which is horrible, and quite honestly, really fuckin' weak, but you know what? I don't want to do an erg test right now. I really don't like my sport at the moment, and I'm tired of the fact that I walk out of the boathouse either feeling stupid or frustrated. Sabrina gave me the cell number of the guy that runs Long Beach, so I think I'm going to call him today & see about checking out their club - even if I split my time between the two boathouses, I think I need to sort of break the cycle of where I am now, because I just... being in the weird limbo that I am at LRC right now does nothing for my motivation, and I'm tired of it.

Well there we go. I have an appt for 5:15 on Wednesday to go meet with the boatmaster at LB & do my first lesson for how to scull a single. goes nothin'.


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