Monday, March 06, 2006

When Daddy sings he's an auctioneer, auctioneer....

In other news, I finished a piece for the first time in a long time last night:

The Other Girls Wore Wings, finished 03.06.06

I started that on Friday night (which is why I didn't make the Sat 7:30 practice, R.S. Monkey - up 'til 3:30 am), and ended up finishing last night...and when you look up & it's 12:30, and you've got practice at 5:20, you gotta figure you might as well just stay up, so...I did. Set up the gym bag for today, made some food for the week, yadda yadda. I said to Meg elsewhere that sadly, I feel more awake now than I have for a long time. I think I might actually function better with less sleep. Sick, I know.

In other news, R.S. Monkey might be amused to know that I finally had a race and was sore the day after -- I ended up rowing as a sub with our club's A Boat on Sunday. Normally, at our level, we've been working with rowing a 2k at a 26 - 28 and for our group, that's been a pusher lately. (don't get me started on that.) Plus, the only time I've done a sprint start was on an erg. Even when we raced The Mighty Four, I think the highest cadence we did ever was a 24/26 for 5k... I show up on Sunday, and I'm in a boat that's not only going to be doing a sprint start, but we'll be rowing a 28/30 for the whole 5k. Fuck.

I did okay, from what I was told later - the nice thing about ZenMaster H & DSpot is that if I'd sucked, they would have told me, but they both said I did fine, esp. since it was my first time at that level even as a practice race. . When we did the LB erg crashes, I finished a race I thought I'd totally blown, got up off my erg, walked to my car & drove off. Didn't hurt a bit. (I found out from R.S. Monkey later that what I thought I'd screwed up was actually only about 1 second slower than Beavis) When I did San Diego crashes a week later, I pulled a time with a 3 second total time drop & a 1.54 avg split, got up, and went to row on the erg at an 18 for another 10 minutes to cool down, had absolutely no problems, did practice the next morning. It's not the power or the endurance that was killing me yesterday -- it's the speed. And maintaining the speed. We've been training for 2k pieces, so hey, that's how long I've been training myself to hold a higher I was good until about 3k in, and then my arms went, "Fuck you and your horse!" and those last 2k were a total bitch.

Then we get to the end, and to make G happy, do a practice sprint start...Lemme 'splain. On the erg, the highest sprint start I have done where I still had decent control was a 32/34, and then I settled at a 26/28 for 2k - that was the San Diego run about three weeks ago. Yesterday? We sprinted a high 41/43 and settled at a 35 for a few strokes. Mother of fuck. In short -- I'll be doing some speed training on the erg, thanks.

Oddly enough, even with that and doing practice this morning, the only thing that hurts is that my left shoulder is a little sore. and I had two new blisters on my left hand, but that's because Beavis is a splasher & the new Croaker oars don't soak up any water, so I had to grip harder than usual. ::shrug::

Sculling Tonight! Woot!
If this keeps up, you late joiners are going to see where the title of this blog comes from...

Note: the numbers above are for how many strokes per minute. Take a minute of your day, see how many times you can shove your hands out from your chest and pull them back in over the course of a minute. Now do it and imagine you're flipping one wrist to turn an oar flat and then square for the same amt. of iterations as when you just did it normally. now imagine doing that many iterations and moving your legs at the same time, but being able to control the momentum so that it takes 3 times as long to go forward as it did to shove yourself back. And do it 41 times. In 60 seconds. Yah. Hence the initial reaction of "are you shitting me?" that both R.S. Monkey & I had at different points over the weekend.

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