Thursday, April 27, 2006

As long as you've got a plan.

My goals for this week are twofold:

1. Actually make it to every practice I'm scheduled for this week -
Which is Mon-Sat morning @ 5:20, & then my sculling session on Wed night. So far, I'm 5 practices down, 2 to go towards this. I figure once I manage to attend all of my practice sessions, I'll then work on trying to do well at practice. Baby steps, baby steps...

2. Bring lunch to work every day.
I pretty much outsourced my lunch all of last week. And while I was eating salads, not like Double ranch bacon cheeseburgers or anything...still. I have the food, I need to actually use the food. Plus, you know, the whole easier to eat healthy that way thing.

So far, so good. Next week, who knows what kind of wacky turn my existence will take, what with the extreme excitement & all.

On Saturday, R.S. Monkey has convinced me to come walk in a circle with her a bunch of times in the dark wearing tin foil. No, it's not an attempt to attract lightning while testing sobriety, it's the 24 hr American Cancer walk. I'm in for her overnight portion - I was going to bring Zoey, but it seems these pinko commie anti-cancer facists won't let pets on the track. Of course, if Zoey were here, she'd tell you she's not a pet. ;)

Meanwhile, I have decided that there simply needs to be more hours in the day. Can we get on that for me? Thanks.


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