Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's not that I'm dead, it's just that I was busy dropping out of school & starting a new job.

Because hey, I did both this week. Check. My. Shit. Out.

Indeed, I sent in my drop slips to my professors today - within a few days, I will no longer be a student for the semester. Or at least, not one expected to show up for any classes. however, thanks to the laxity of the State of CA Edu. Sys., I know that I will still have full access to campus resources as well as my universal student discount, because they never bother to see who's actually taking classes after they put on on the rolls for the sys. admin privileges. heh.

Did I mention I'm going to buy the Adobe CS2 Suite tomorrow for half price with my Student ID before I'm no longer enrolled in anything officially? Because yeah, I so am.

Seriously - I dropped because I was only in school to get a new job, and...I did. I'd rather row & paint on the weekends than go to programming class. Plus, I think it's be nice to be able to really master & use what I've already learned in terms of .asp, javascript, & other object-oriented programming instead of trying to learn a smidgen of other stuff so I can have a piece of paper. And in looking at what Altruism!Co is going to need to bring everything up to date, do their site revamp, & move their print work in-house...I'll probably master all of that via trial by fire & learn some extra shit just by doing my job over the next six mos. Oy.

New job is going well - probably be better once I have some concrete projects to work on, but other than that, everyone seems really nice, and since no one has
a) committed any felonies
b) systematically gotten another co-worker fired so they could get their job
c) caused multiple employees to burst into tears at their desks
d) put my job on par with a McDonald's employee (I still say they can suck my service industry.)

Altruism!Co.already has two of my last three employers beat. You want to watch some hinky corporate shit, come work in Los Angeles, kiddies. After four years, this girl from the NorthEast will sum up the experience thusly - "These bitches be crazy, yo."

But seriously - Altruism!Co is really nice. There was even a little thingy of fresh flowers on my desk when I got here - sadly, it's an actual plant, which probably means that I have to attempt to keep it alive, gods help us all. (but mostly the plant.) Honestly, I'm lucky my dog is now used to my absentminded-ness, because survival alone has made that animal fairly self-sufficient.

going tonight for my 3rd sculling lesson in Long Beach - oh fuck me, that shit's difficult. Seriously. And I end up being out on the water for two, two & a half hours at a stretch. Which shouldn't SOUND that bad, except when you have to pee...yeah, that last 15 minutes can seem looooooooooooooooong - esp. since you can't just get out of the water & bolt for the bathroom. You have to get out of the water, get your oars & your boat out of the water & up on the dock into slings before you can even think about making the mad dash for the potty. It's possible that I did this Monday night & am therefore not drinking any liquids after 4pm today since my lesson starts at 6.

Honestly, I know I was the one that put myself on the higher training regimen due to my....possible overachievement issues, but I have got to say - I did not anticipate the tired-ness. I mean, I have trained as a boxer, I've taught multiple Spinning classes in the space of eight hours, and dude - this shit is exhausting. I rowed six times in four days last week, & it looks like I'll be doing at least that if not an extra two practices on Saturday this week. And that doesn't count time spent at the gym - last night I spent half an hour on the erg going through doing a practice 1k for our 2k test next wed, and then went to boxing. By the time I got to my last sparring set, I was just effin' done. My body so hated me. In truth, my body hated me so much that it gave up & slept in this morning, so I missed practice on a Coach I day, which means that I have a coxing penalty. Crap. Ah, well.

Speaking of Coach I - after a two week period where I may or may not have sent out some strategically worded e-mails asking a couple questions about our training program (or lack thereof) with her three days a week that happened to coincide with the fact that the boat she was training came in dead last at San Diego... our training has been pushed up a notch. Or twenty. Fine with me, man, bring it on. Of course, that also contributes to the tired, but hey - life's a bitch, then you die, I might as well be able to pull a decent erg score since I'm here anyway. Maybe then I'll at least get to die with a smaller ass! ;)


At 9:04 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...

ahhh, the real reason to always wear clean underwear... harder to tell the size of one's ass.

What is it with new jobs? Everyone I talk to is at new jobs lately...

I'm going the opposite from you. Did my public interest time, now I'm going to do a job where I get paid for real, have some resources at my disposal, don't get threatened with death by shooting by ignorant sheriffs, and have clients who aren't wearing orange jumpsuits on a regular basis.

I am also opposite you in school. I'm taking an accounting class that I failed 7 years ago because my withdraw became an F. School is good. Definite markers for completion and success make me happy.


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