Thursday, April 13, 2006

To borrow from Sam - Look How Clever I Am.

One of the things that everyone joked about when I accepted a job at a non-profit is that you learn new & innovative ways to get things done, because you don't have the same resources as normal Corporate America.

And then those people that know my life on a daily basis paused & went, "Which, really, you shouldn't have a problem with."

Hey guess what - they were right.

I am the first designer at Altruism!Co. Therefore, they didn't really have the design software that I need to do my job. Their normal software supplier was out of it, so they couldn't get the non-profit price. what to do, what to do -- I certainly couldn't wait a month to be able to do my job, but $1200 is a lot of money for software.

Enter the magic of my undated Student ID card, and say hello to half price software. Indeedy. Seems that the USC bookstore sells it to any student no matter where they attend - sweet, I don't even have to wait for shipping.

So I head on over to Unbelievably rich kid SChool, which is ironically enough in a really crappy neighborhood in downtown LA. It's one of those things where the school was there & the neighborhood just kind of...happened. And, when it happened, no one made any allowance for parking. Why yes, this is a pain in the ass, why do you ask?

It took me...half an hour to get there from El Segundo - if you ever drive in LA, use the 105 as much as posssible, it's the unsung wonder of the city. It took me as long to find parking as it did to get there. And you know how I got parking for less than the $7 they wanted me to pay for the privilege of ten minutes in their bookstore?

Well, on the weekends, I'm a messenger. Which means that during the week, there's a blue uniform shirt in the backseat of my car. And there just happened to be a yellow zone by the bookstore marked "Deliveries & pick-ups - 1 hour or less". Well shit, I'm not going to even be here an hour - I ditched the sweater I was wearing to the office that day, which left me in khakis & a gray tank top (shut it, Anya!) reached in the back, pulled out my uniform shirt, threw it across the driver's seat of Serenity, and went about my way.

Incidentally, it took a larger effort for my credit card to verify that I was who I said I was for that large of a charge to my account than for the USC bookstore to verify that I'm even really a student - they didn't even ask for my student ID! I just said, "I'm a part time student over at ::school name::" and that was it. Incidentally, I can get my next computer through that same bookstore for half price -- they'll ask for my ID for that purchase, but since my ID is good until next fall....well yeah. Do the math, baby.

Incidentally, I have to say that is possibly the rudest campus that I have ever been on. And I've toured art schools - and hey, you want to talk about some overly self-involved snobs, art students are often obnoxious and dubiously talented on top of that, so for me to put USC on that level is kinda bad. However, since what little experience I've had with USC over the last few years has always left me with that impression, today was really just reinforcement. Although, their crew coach did tell me what time it was this morning when I was out on the water by myself, so I'll grant them that fractional courtesy.

The point being that if I'm every going to try to break into a place, I don't need some elaborate plan of technical intricacy - no no, I just need my blue bowling shirt with the white company patch on it. I talked to Special K on the phone as I was driving back to the office, and she agreed - acc. to her, the only studio lot in LA that doesn't automatically wave messengers through is Warner Bros. Of course, if I had Wakko, Yakko, & Dot locked in the water tower, I'd be a little skittish of who I let into the grounds too.


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...

Hey, I don't really know you, but you lost me with all the non-profit designer/messenger/parking attendant student Id shit. I think the gist of this post was that you got one over on "the men" with your messenger shirt and a student ID that may or may not actually be valid, right?

Criminal (joking).

A friend of mine who lives in LA says it's not that rude, and then that it's the rudest place on earth. She may be bipolar...


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