Monday, April 24, 2006

Warning: Here there be Things Of A Girl Nature.

I never used to have PMS. Seriously. I was that annoying friend that looked at you & went, "Dude. It's just a period..." I was Sally Indestructible - no cramps, no headaches, no nuffin'.

Then, about a year ago, It Started.

For the record, It SUCKS.

My version of PMS seems to manifest itself in nausea. Nausea, headaches & a sore lower back. But only for the first two hours of my day - after that, I'm A-O-K again.

Sadly, I do crew - a sport where your practice is on the water, every morning, for basically...the first two hours of every day. In addition to that, the way that our erg testing cycles fall just happen to coincide with my cycle. Seriously - last Wed., we did our 2k test for April. not two hours later, my period starts. It really is like clockwork.

So when I woke up this morning & felt like crap, I rolled my sorry ass out of bed because honestly, once we get on the water & I'm in good, cold fresh air (or as fresh as LA air gets), I'm fine. We'd done the erg test last week, it shouldn't be a problem.

But no NO - today myself & another girl got to do our pacing & consistency tests on the erg. Um, yay? R.S. Monkey had warned me about this piece - she'd done it last Friday, which I'd skipped out on 'cause hey - vomiting! - so I wasn't horribly surprised. Poor Coach T, though - it seems my erg partner for the day, New!K was coming down with a migraine & much like me, had only showed that morning out of cox penalty avoidance - a reasoning that Coach T seemed surprised to hear us cite. We made it through one of the three 2ks, and I got up and went to the bathroom to dry heave. In crew, the fact that I was able to make it to the bathroom shows really good control

The result being that I have to do the 3-piece exercise again on Wed. I mean, I'm fine with that, because by then my Monthly Issue will be over, so I should be fine - Coach T even told me that my first go at it showed a better control for pacing than anyone else's had over the course of their three. (The point of the exercise is to teach you how to be able to control your stroke & split timing for consistency & stamina - hence the reason you do the same thing three times. By the 3rd 2k piece, you'd have hopefully managed to keep a consistent drop in time as you up your stroke rate) I mean, it's not a problem normally - I can do it in my sleep - just, you know, not when I'm dry heaving in between sets.

Anyway, so I think at this point the solution is to just suck it up & get up an hour or two early one week a month so that by the time I get to practice, my initial Morning Nausea has passed....incidentally, can you imagine if I ever got pregnant? It would take about two weeks of getting sick in the morning before I thought to go pee on a stick!


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...

I am sooooo not glad I checked in for that...

At 1:08 PM, Blogger claris said...

dude. there was a warning at the top. I don't wanna hear it.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...

It falls under the attractive nuisance doctrine...

Who actually READS warnings, really?

At 6:56 AM, Blogger Megdalen said...

Didn't you know? When you start approaching 30, you can get PMS symptoms even if you haven't had them before. It's just an age thing. It's also a stress/possible low progesterone thing, so think about getting some PMS tea and possibly a topical progesterone cream that you put on during the second half of your cycle. It could really help.

Meg, of the oldness


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