Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You really are just a simple creature, aren't you?

Here at Altruism!Co, they're big on the titles. Seriously. There are job titles here that are two lines. So when they called me to ask about my business card (which hey, I think this is the first time since I worked at M!tech that I haven't had to design or typeset my own company business card!) and asked what my title was, I answered, "Designer."
"That's it? Is that your official job description?"
"Well, I have a feeling my official job description is going to be The Girl With Her Head On the Desk, but we probably shouldn't put that on my card."

It would seem that my "official" title is "Web/Graphics designer" which honestly, I've always thought was dumb - to design for the web, you have to design graphics, so wtf? For my freelance site, I normally just go with "Multimedia Designer", but I don't feel like explaining shit, so I voted for just plain old "Designer".

Brevity. It's the soul of stuff, don'cha know.


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