Monday, May 22, 2006

Corporate Ping Pong.

Today's lesson - when people realize they have to plan stuff too, suddenly it's not such a great idea.

Altruism!Co: Hey, can I get a timeline of when the website will be done?
Claris: Sure... ::sends prospective timeline of dept by dept. information re-org
Altruism!Co: Rah rah rah, changes...anything else we need to know?
Claris: Well, as we go through, I'm going to need to make some aesthetic alterations (burn it down, salt the earth, start over) to reflect the new content in the navigation
Altruism!Co: Oh, great! Can you have a couple of comps made up for us to vote on at the next exec meeting?
Claris: Um, it might be easier if the directors can give me examples of other sites by similar organizations so that I have an idea of what your industry standard is...
Altruism!Co: Well, we're really busy right now, so we'll just put that off for a bit then.

Ohkay... meanwhile, I'm still waiting for information for a marathon site that was supposed to go up last week to be completed. ::sigh::

Can you say, "Play CYA via documentation", Virginia?


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