Monday, May 15, 2006

Flying Child Humor

For those of you not from CA who may not have seen it, this is an ACTUAL road sign that the State of CA put up on the 5 south near Camp Pendleton:

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Due to the rather precarious position of the child, I've been informed it's called the Flying Child Sign. Because of that, I have classified jokes about the recent Mexican immigration hoo in the zoo here in CA to fall under the category of "Flying Child Humor".

Today's version:

Claris: I need sugar after that meeting. Wanna go to Starbuck's?
Hispanic co-worker: Yeah, let me get my wallet.
Claris: You gonna get anything?
Hc-w: No, but I like to tell people now that I don't leave the house w/o ID in case I get stopped by immigration.
Claris: ::laughs:: Don't worry dude - if that happens, I've got your back - I'll tell them that I picked you up from the corner by Home Depot because I needed to have my house painted.

We are so going to get fired one day. Good times, good times...


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