Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Linear thought is for the weak anyway.

Went to a work function/fundraiser thing last night at a store in Bev Hills - one of those "When you shop between this time period, we give 15% of the profits to Altruism!Co..." things. And since it was a Mktg. Dept. organized function, we all had to attend.

Dude? I'm the designer. I've been here three weeks. And hey, even without that, I'm really not the staff member you introduce to people you want money from - for god's sake, there's a reason they normally put the designers in the basement, doncha know. ;)

Anyway, after spending about an hour of my life being very very bored & having flashbacks to my retail & valet careers, I trundled out with the excuse of having an errand to run in Woodland Hills - which, incidentally, you'd have thought I said Outer Mongolia - it's 25 miles from Bev Hills to Woodland Hills, but in terms of Relative LA Distance Perception, it's like the equivalent of saying I'm going to drive from Boston to NY. Meanwhile, I'm from New England, where most things are about 25 miles apart - it's just that we have a highway system that actually works, so it doesn't take half an hour to go four miles. ;)

::insert Claris' oft-repeated statement that she would club a baby with a kitten if it meant LA would have an effective transport system like the T in Boston.::

Anyway, so I went up to WH & picked up my check from Messenger!Co for the weekend that SpecialK took off & I covered her guarantee runs - which is a welcome addition to my economic stability, since I just dropped about $650 on a new Dell this morning.

I mean, don't get me wrong - I needed a new computer, it was a good deal, I had our IT guy vet it for me, it comes with a free 19" flat screen, and I even ponied up the extra $50 for a wireless mouse & keyboard - I never would have been able to afford it except that Dell needs a good units sold figure for the end of the fiscal year & halved the prices of most of their desktop systems.

It's just that no matter how stable my economics get, the Former Poor Kid in me will always kind of wince at dropping large amts. of money in one shot. I'm not like, rich now or anything, but I have a stable job, I can pay my bills, I know I make more than my parents did, and I'm actually at a point where I'm putting money into an ING acct. But there's always that little voice in the back of your head that watched your parents get foreclosed on which will forever be just the littlest bit paranoid about dropping a couple hundred dollars on the one credit card you have, ya know? Plus, LA is not a cheap place to live - I spend more in rent for my one bedroom with street parking that allows a dog in West Hollywood than my sister spends on the mortgage for her two bedroom three story condo in NH.

So yah. There are times where I have to chant, "It's okay to buy, it's okay to buy..." before I hit "Confirm Order".

Of course, the nice thing is that as a freelancer, what I just bought is a business expense. So hey, Mr. Bush - you want to up my gas prices? I am going to write off every shitting thing I can. How do I know how to do that? I learned it by watching you, okay? I learned it by watching you!*

*This may not be funny to my international crowd, but trust me - the 'murricans get it.


At 9:53 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...

First: you're from NH? I am SOOOO amused...

Second: I'm about to be in that whole "look at me" phase at work too. I start my new job in a little over a week, and I'm going from public interest attorney to corporate stooge (I'm going the opposite direction from you, I know, but still...), so I'm going to have to develop a socially acceptable public face pretty damn quick. I spent most of my years as a research troll (not unlike a designer, we get hidden in darkened closets), and now they want to parade me around to muckity-mucks. Great. It will be an invigorating change of pace, at least.


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