Monday, May 08, 2006

Okay. Seriously? Priorities.

Dear other person:
The bios page of the site...doesn't really matter. It doesn't generate revenue, it doesn't educate the public, and trust me, nobody's googling to find out who the staff is here at Altruism!Co. If I had my way, we'd cut it completely.

Meanwhile, I just mapped your Volunteer subsite (you know, the one that was 100 inches long when screencapped?) into excel. it took me three work days & it's 21 pages long when I use Landscape layout. I am presently setting up a walk that will happen in...six weeks which no one got working before I started working here. And did I mention that we still need to cull the contract with the PR agency that's been scamming you? Shit, I need to go schedule that meeting.

Please don't worry about the flippin' bio page. the difference between Assistant & Program Assistant isn't that big & I'll bet the Assist. in each dept. is too busy working to really care as long as it's on their official job description when they have their review.

~ Claris

edited 'cause I'm a dumbass & automatically signed my real name. Jeebus - next thing you know, I'd have sent it over email! ::facepalm::


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