Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sweep the leg!

I saw a guy at the gym last night wearing a shirt that said that, and I'm willing to admit that I'm such a geek that 18 hours later, I'm still rather delighted by the Karate Kid reference.

did you know there's a new Jewel album? There is! and in my helpfulness, I'm going to let the 'murricans know that while iTunes seems dang convenient for $13.99, Target has the version with a DVD documentary for $9.99. Sadly, I found this out too late. Bugger.

Upon arriving at Altruism!Co, the first thing I said when I saw their website organization was that I was going to basically blow it up, salt the earth, & start over. The following is why.

I just did the site map for Altruism!Co's volunteer section. For my lawgeekers, a site map looks a lot like a flow chart - it is literally just a tree diagram of the pages on the site & the directories they're connected to. The easiest way to do this here is to go into Dreamweaver, take a section by section screenshot of their version of the site map, then paste each screenshot into Photoshop, and just output a pdf. A lot of times, I end up printing on legal or 11x17 paper because of the fact that they're basically vertical documents.

According to Photoshop, the document I just created is 120 inches long if printed. This is just one section of the site. I haven't even LOOKED at the educational materials section. Or the public policy section. Or the press section. And there's more after that.

I feel like I should go make an applied definition example under "Job Security" on wikipedia, 'cause hey - this is gonna take a while.


At 1:09 PM, Blogger R.S. Monkey said...

OMG - You think Altruism!Co. has issues with their site? You'll need a log roll of paper to print out any tree diagram you'll want to draw about ours. It's INSANITY. And unfortunately, I don't even think it will look like a tree. It will just look like one long choo-choo page connected to the hierarchies. Nada. Walk!

At 4:31 PM, Blogger claris said...

choo choo!

Well, tell you what - let's start with doing the logo work you wanted, then we'll see about doing site revisions. 'cause hey man - in your case, the more eff'ed up it is, the better the fact I'm gonna work by the hour should be! ;)
('cause I'm sorry dude, but you've told me about your work, so I'm not doing a blanket project fee. heh)


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