Monday, May 15, 2006

there's a reason I have a job where I sit behind a desk in the corner...

Receptionist on Phone: Claris, I have a woman on the line that would like to talk about the website.
Claris: ::Inner voice -- DANGER WILL ROBINSON!:: .... which part of the website?
RoP: I'm not sure. she says she's calling about one of the walks. I asked her if she'd like to sign up, but she said no, she wanted to talk about the walk on the site.
Claris: ::inner thought - oh god, it's one of those... :: know, RoP, I think she needs to talk to one of the Regional volunteer coordinators for that area.
RoP: Are you sure?
Claris: Yeah, I think they'd be way more patient with here... I just...I don' don't want me to talk to people.


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