Monday, May 22, 2006

What's with today... today?

• No matter how easy I think the job will be, anything involving my apt. will be WAY more complicated than it should be.
On Friday, I was going to go in to work late b/c I’d finally gotten my landlord to refinish my tub & fix my broken back window. The back window was fine – that guy was in & out w/in half an hour. The TUB – it would seem that the reason the finish was messed up was that someone had PAINTED the tub at one point. Like, with house paint! So they had to strip it, & then re-enamel it, and yeah…I worked from home.
I've also spent the last three days with the fans on & the windows open 'cause hoo baby! That shit will make you a little high if you're not careful.

• For some reason, midnight_sprint's mom seems to think her daughter is in good hands with me.
That was Friday night. Heh. It would seem I'm Mom-approved. Needless to say, M_S's mom has only met me the once & not for long. ;)

• My desk now contains the technological equivalent of dueling banjos.
I set up my Dell on Friday (yes, finally - what the hell else do you do on a day when you can't leave your apartment because someone painted your tub?) So now, when you look at my desk, I have a Mac on the left, & a Dell on the right - as I remarked to some people this weekend, I think I accidentally configured my desk according to political affiliation.

• In our house, two dogs are better than one.
That's right, we've got a houseguest again - this time, it's Lucy, the springer spaniel from the other side of mine. (Daisy was the black lab that lives on the left side, Lucy lives on the right. With their owners, of course.) Zoey was rather put out when she saw me leaving on Sunday morning to messenger w/o her, but when I got back & Lucy had been deposited in the apt., she'd forgiven me. It's kind of funny...Lucy's owner had let her fur grow out for the winter - emphasis on out - to the point where the poor wee babbers looked like a walking carpet. She would come in my apt & slip on her own fur because I don't have any rugs on my hardwood floors. The other day, J took Lucy to the groomer & I swear that dog lost about 15 pounds when she got sheared. I was on the phone with SpecialK, standing outside my apt, and like, HalfALucy walked by. I literally interrupted the phone conversation with, "Holy shit!"
And yes, just like any girl with a new haircut, that dog is ridiculously proud of herself. Seriously, she's prancing. It's cute.

• Forget the drivers' lisence, I think this makes me officially a CA resident now.
After talking to my neighbor Sue for a while last night, I've decided to give therapy a try. Not like "Sit on a Couch & Talk to the Man with the Power of Prescription" therapy, though. I'm going to start with some Reiki & energy work... kinda ease on into this touchy-feely crap. Sue actually suggested I hit up some Al-Anon meetings, but I don't think I'm quite at the point where I can sit in a circle & say "Hi my name is" yet. We'll see. I have a hypnosis session scheduled for Tues. night. The thought of what I might say under hypnosis when what little edit button control I might possess is completely obliterated is rather perturbing.

• The office candy bowl has caramels this week.
It's the little things that make me happy, okay?


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