Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You can have a party of your own on the Lightship Nantucket.

Seriously? I think the Snapple guys need new writers for their bottle-cap blurbs, because what the sh*t is up with that as a snippet?

Fun at work.

Email goes out from CoWorker that she needs someone to give her a ride to the mechanic. Five minutes later she sends out...
Thank you guys, I found a willing ride for today.....
I replied, "Dude, anything I would normally write back to this email will get me fired."

Okay, so here at Altruism!Co, we're having this event involving a Marilyn Monroe theme - it's like, the kickoff to our summer society fundraisers, if you will. Well, I did up a logo for the last event in our season, which is in Nov., & in my wacky way I thought, "hey, Marilyn logo to tie everything together!" so I did one with a silhouette of her in an evening gown leaning against the lettering. very cute, very coy sort of thing.
It was rejected because the Uppers thought it was "too provocative". Myself & the event coordinator were like, "it's a silhouette...." but no no, they were worried about the "corporate image". Fine. Whatever.

We just got samples of the Marilyn pictures that will be auctioned off at this first event. The guy that owns the negatives donated a couple of vintage prints, very valuable, live auction, celebrity auctioneer in private 90210 home, rah rah rah...


Yup, that's right, kids - not one week after I was told that the silhouette of Monroe was too provocative, we discover that the pictures being donated for auction are from Monroe's Playboy shoot - full color, naked as a jaybird!

heh. Good thing they made sure to protect the corporate image, huh?

Dangit! Okay, I'm not making this up - it would seem that Altruism!Co is going to let the guy donating the pictures for auction know that we can only accept prints which do not include nudity - which cuts the auction items at least by a third - because that's not "who we are".

Dude. It's Marilyn Monroe. I hesitate to see what would have been the response if any of them had been with me the day we toured the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston when I was in high school & we walked in on a drawing class where the model was a guy who had a two pound weight hanging off his wang.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go somewhere & revel in the fact that in comparison, I am way less of a prude now. Jeebus.


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous MrWhyt said...

Dude, its freakin Marilyn Monroe!! Turning down the money that would come with those should require that they turn in their altruism badges as well. And also:

a guy who had a two pound weight hanging off his wang.

Made me cringe and shriek like a little girl.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...


I had to do that...

That's pretty funny.


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