Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey, did you hear about Lance? yeah... no shit.

We've been saying that for like, ever, thanks. Although Missi's text celebrating that her boy was now officially out may possibly have made me bust out laughing in the middle of my office, so thanks for that. ;p~

About a month after I started working at Spiffy!Hotel, it's possible that I had the interesting viewpoint of delivering Mr. Lance a shiny silver G Box to drive and, well, it wasn't a girl he was holding hands with, so to everyone that drove Lance up to the top of the Yahoo!news stories... well, yeah. thank you for playing.

Meanwhile, I'd like to take a moment & thank Sachiel for hooking this non-cable-subscribing ignoramus with the new Justin Timberlake video. Dude, I don't know what is up with that shit, but when I worked at the Gap, we decided that Mr. JT is a special kind of crack that is every girls' secret addiction. Granted, the ballads still make me go ::rolleyes::, but I treat them a lot like 90% of the italics in the Lord of the Rings series - if you skip 'em, you get to the interesting parts faster.

With that in mind, our boy Justin seems to have carried the spark over to his second CD. I'm not one of the Sparkly Dancing Boy Followers, but as I texted back to Missi today, I gotta admit JT's new song & video just leaves me with the urge to go find a hawt boy & do bad things until neither of us can walk.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi, I'm a geek, thanksokaybye.

It's possible that a slight oversight in bringing my afternoon snack* back to my desk may have caused me to go shuffling back down the hallway in my unbuckled heels mumbling, "I forgot a spoon... there is no spoon! heh. there is no spoon!"

...and now I think the co-workers are even more scared of me. Well hey, a little fear now & then keeps everyone in line, right? Right. Totally.

*Cheerios. yes, I have Cheerios in the afternoon. You think my attention span is the only thing about me par with the age of 5? Well hey, you were wrong. ;p

Friday, July 21, 2006

The office is empty. Quick, let's stage a coup!

I am on like, hyperdrive today. What is up with that? Seriously - I got up this morning & was just like, "BING!! Woo hoo!"

Which, as you might guess, made practice interesting. I was put in a double with Bitty, who, it turns out, is a freakin' troublemaker. First off - I'm 26, light brown hair, pretty freakin' white, and about 5'9", 5'10". Bitty is, as you might guess by the online name I gave her... not. She's in her 50's(?), about five feet on a good day.. tiny older Asian woman. I mean, don't get me wrong - Bitty's a trooper, and I'll call her as my bow seat any day of the week, but just the two of us in the lineup for a double has a certain... visually comedic aspect.

And then Bitty couldn't steer, and I couldn't entirely hold the rate when Mel suddenly went, "Okay, so let's go to a 28 for 20, and then we'll bring the stroke rate up!" in a sweep boat, I'd be like, "Cool, rock on!" but I've done that while sculling exactly once, and then I was following the club director, who as you might guess, is a hell of a lot better than I am.

So yeah, we kept cracking one another up, & it was good times, good times down at the boathouse.

Also, we seem to have been adopted by a seal. He showed up on Wed. night, scared the crap out of me on Thurs. morning, came back for a second visit on Thurs, & was on the dock when we got to the boathouse this morning. He was actually sleeping between two of the docklines, & no one would go take them in because of it. I went, 'Fine, I'll try..." and went to take the line in (it was about five feet from him) Mr. Beast (which is what we're loosely calling him) lifts his head and lets out this "raaaaaaaaaaawwwwrrr...." I stopped walking, put my hands up & went, "Hey, dude, no problem. I'll just go now."

But yeah. so now, we've got a mascot. Zoey's gonna be jealous.

I have to go sit & have lunch with some of our volunteer coordinators today. We're having this national training...thingy, so they're in from all over the country & we as Altruism!Co. employees should learn more about the people we're supporting in the field, rah rah rah. Which, okay, I understand the philosophy behind it, but seriously - have you people met me? I should not be allowed to represent the company publicly! I mean, seriously, this can only spell disaster in the end...

Monday, July 17, 2006

I swear I tried to go shopping. Seriously, I really did.

Here's the thing. Me + shopping = ::facepalm::

Which you wouldn't think, because hey, I'm a designer - and really, when it comes to wandering and evaluating the products & the stores - I'm great at that. When it comes to actually getting something for myself, well... eye=teh suk

I mean, I bought new tops - two! Of course, they were both blue. But I also replaced a bunch of my rattier tank tops (sorry Anya), and I got these little hoodies that are gonna be great for like, Friday casual. On the note of, say... real clothes?

Yeah, not so much.

I tried to get new pants for work, or even shorts. Because at this point, if I bend the wrong way, everyone knows what color underwear I'm sporting that day. Sadly, all of the capris out are that new "skinny" style. Well, you know what? I'll admit there's less of me to love than there used to be, but I'll pretty much never fit the category of "skinny".

So instead of buying new pants, I bought lower-rise underwear. You gotta figure it holds the line for now.

awb eye dnow iz dat i'b schtuffy.
I don't understand it. Ever since I moved to LA, whenever the heat goes off the charts, I have to live on a constant Sudafed drip. The only time I can breathe is when I'm rowing or when I'm asleep. either that or the sleep apnea from clogged sinuses isn't so bad that I know about it yet.
I'm sure I had other things to post, like the fact that the heat has me reverting to 3rd shift sleeping schedules & napping in the afternoons so I can clean my house at 1 in the morning when the sun isn't up to pound my will to live into the dirt packed ground with its Death Rays, but honestly? The high amount of of non-drowsy Sudafed in my system is making me sleepy & kind of random. Clearly, there's only one solution if I want to get through the day - coffee.

If you'll excuse me....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wow. That alcohol is like, glow in the dark...

So far today, I have:

--> brought in a cake with a cribbed American Idol logo

--> eaten a ridiculously fattening breakfast

--> imitated Aretha Franklin, complete with two backup singers

--> delighted a visiting Italian doctor with my ability to speak French

--> attempted to drink from large bottle of bright yellow alcohol brought by said Italian doctor

--> had my sinuses cleared by large bottle of bright yellow alcohol

--> realized after the second try that if I kept going, I might not be able to help operate a boat tonight

Seriously? Someone could have warned me about these hazardous work environments in non profit. I mean, really.

Of course, considering the reaction of my teammate upon getting this list, are we really surprised?

Dude.... Bring the bright yellow bottle to practice!
~R.S. Monkey

yeah, I didn't think so.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Things we learned this weekend.

Lesson #1: Hit a bird, get a beer.
We rowed up in Rancho Cordova this weekend, & during our 4, I & I discovered that they hadn't cleared the birds from the course. Now, I don't have a tally, but our boat didn't stop, and we were putting those oars back & forth with no small amount of force... oops.

Lesson #2: Take a day & a half off, become a valued team member!
It would seem no one outside of my dept. knew that I was going to be out of the office. At least, that's what the emails I came in to would indicate...

Although, by far, my favorite message is from CoWorkerS, who is one of the other Corporate-to-NonProfit freaks like me & therefore has the same ::eyebrow raise:: reaction to a lot of the same things I do....
Have fun with this, I know you will. Do a good job you have to make me look good and I will take all the credit for it.

I'm doing her work first. You know why? I like that she's honest.

In other news, spent my Row-erversairy helping with the first day of Learn To Row camp. ZenMasterH, P, & YoungWill were there as well, and we got to watch everyone get through the paces of "This is a boat. This is an oar. This is how you carry the boat. This is an erg." Also discovered that we actually have a video for how to erg. I've been rowing for a year now, and when it got turned on I looked at ZenMasterH & whispered, "Dude, we have a video?"

Spent this morning learning how to rig a quad. G sent Beavis & I over to the Lola & went, "Okay, you two go ahead & rig this, & don't leave until it's done." Now, both Beavis & I have been sculling a fair bit, but neither of us knew how to put a quad together. So we kind of looked at one another, shrugged & went, "Here goes nothing." We had the boat half-rigged when A came over & remarked, "You guys know you have all the riggers backwards, right?"

Um, oops.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do I get credit for being half-productive?

I woke up at about 1:30 this morning, & was all, "I'm going to do work! And get things done! And not have to worry about it!"

...and then I spent the last half hour before practice culling my Nano & uploading new CDs - but before that, I was working. Totally, totally working. Really!

Will be gone this weekend in Sacramento for Regionals. And considering that we got lineups...Monday, I would like to state that I have never been so happy not to be stroke in my entire life. Due to G's crafty but in retrospect kind of obvious plan of having me spend a month sculling so that when he "decided" to make me starboard it would be an easier transition, I haven't sprinted at all this season, so the thought of sitting stroke in the Mighty Four at Regionals was kind of freakin' me out, especially since there was going to be a definite lack of practice time. I mean, shit, when we were in distance season, I used to sit on the erg the night before a race & go through the race pace for about 2 or 3k so that I'd feel like I knew what I was doing the next day, so you can imagine how my Preparation-Requiring Brain Pan was doing with the sitcheeaychun for Sunday - I emailed the other three going, "So, are we gonna practice? Like, maybe once? Please? ::insert hopeful look borne of fear here::"

Instead, Beavis is sitting stroke, and I say have at it, because all I have to do is follow in both of my races on Sunday, which is fine by me! Plus they're only 1ks, which are like a walk in the park, especially when you've got about two hours between them. Sam's doing five races on Sunday, and I'm calling "Crack-Baby!" on that. Here's hoping for her sake they're all finals, or she could be doing up to ten with heats. oy to the vey.

However, I still have to do roughly ten bajillion things today, including calling to cancel my therapy appt for tonight b/c I'm taking SpecialK & Her Boy to the airport tonight. So, basically, I'm so overloaded that I don't have time for my own mental health. I'm sure there's commentary in that somewhere, but I won't have a chance to write about it until sometime next week... If only I had a laptop, or a car that would drive itself so I could do work on my way up to the races this weekend - hey, wait. We're in the future now, why the hell don't I have an auto-pilot car? If I didn't have to go to a meeting right now, I'd totally write a letter chock full of self-righteous indignation about that.

::falls over::