Monday, July 17, 2006

I swear I tried to go shopping. Seriously, I really did.

Here's the thing. Me + shopping = ::facepalm::

Which you wouldn't think, because hey, I'm a designer - and really, when it comes to wandering and evaluating the products & the stores - I'm great at that. When it comes to actually getting something for myself, well... eye=teh suk

I mean, I bought new tops - two! Of course, they were both blue. But I also replaced a bunch of my rattier tank tops (sorry Anya), and I got these little hoodies that are gonna be great for like, Friday casual. On the note of, say... real clothes?

Yeah, not so much.

I tried to get new pants for work, or even shorts. Because at this point, if I bend the wrong way, everyone knows what color underwear I'm sporting that day. Sadly, all of the capris out are that new "skinny" style. Well, you know what? I'll admit there's less of me to love than there used to be, but I'll pretty much never fit the category of "skinny".

So instead of buying new pants, I bought lower-rise underwear. You gotta figure it holds the line for now.

awb eye dnow iz dat i'b schtuffy.
I don't understand it. Ever since I moved to LA, whenever the heat goes off the charts, I have to live on a constant Sudafed drip. The only time I can breathe is when I'm rowing or when I'm asleep. either that or the sleep apnea from clogged sinuses isn't so bad that I know about it yet.
I'm sure I had other things to post, like the fact that the heat has me reverting to 3rd shift sleeping schedules & napping in the afternoons so I can clean my house at 1 in the morning when the sun isn't up to pound my will to live into the dirt packed ground with its Death Rays, but honestly? The high amount of of non-drowsy Sudafed in my system is making me sleepy & kind of random. Clearly, there's only one solution if I want to get through the day - coffee.

If you'll excuse me....


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Mr. Whyt said...

RE: Clothes shopping

What is up with the sizing system?
I normally wear 30Waist 32Length. I go to buy new pantses and the 30/32s are too tight, so I try the 32/32s but they're too long. The 31/32s are good in the waist but still too long, so I end up with 31/30s. So am I getting fatter and shorter or is someone fucking with me?

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anya said...

Goddamn I hate your freaking tank habit... why must you rub that in my face... err.. visually rub it in. Gah! Arrgh! Gah! Note to self: Take Claris shopping where there are NO tank tops.

My goals -- they be awful lofty.


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