Friday, July 21, 2006

The office is empty. Quick, let's stage a coup!

I am on like, hyperdrive today. What is up with that? Seriously - I got up this morning & was just like, "BING!! Woo hoo!"

Which, as you might guess, made practice interesting. I was put in a double with Bitty, who, it turns out, is a freakin' troublemaker. First off - I'm 26, light brown hair, pretty freakin' white, and about 5'9", 5'10". Bitty is, as you might guess by the online name I gave her... not. She's in her 50's(?), about five feet on a good day.. tiny older Asian woman. I mean, don't get me wrong - Bitty's a trooper, and I'll call her as my bow seat any day of the week, but just the two of us in the lineup for a double has a certain... visually comedic aspect.

And then Bitty couldn't steer, and I couldn't entirely hold the rate when Mel suddenly went, "Okay, so let's go to a 28 for 20, and then we'll bring the stroke rate up!" in a sweep boat, I'd be like, "Cool, rock on!" but I've done that while sculling exactly once, and then I was following the club director, who as you might guess, is a hell of a lot better than I am.

So yeah, we kept cracking one another up, & it was good times, good times down at the boathouse.

Also, we seem to have been adopted by a seal. He showed up on Wed. night, scared the crap out of me on Thurs. morning, came back for a second visit on Thurs, & was on the dock when we got to the boathouse this morning. He was actually sleeping between two of the docklines, & no one would go take them in because of it. I went, 'Fine, I'll try..." and went to take the line in (it was about five feet from him) Mr. Beast (which is what we're loosely calling him) lifts his head and lets out this "raaaaaaaaaaawwwwrrr...." I stopped walking, put my hands up & went, "Hey, dude, no problem. I'll just go now."

But yeah. so now, we've got a mascot. Zoey's gonna be jealous.

I have to go sit & have lunch with some of our volunteer coordinators today. We're having this national training...thingy, so they're in from all over the country & we as Altruism!Co. employees should learn more about the people we're supporting in the field, rah rah rah. Which, okay, I understand the philosophy behind it, but seriously - have you people met me? I should not be allowed to represent the company publicly! I mean, seriously, this can only spell disaster in the end...


At 9:39 PM, Anonymous MrWhyt said...

Seals are cute... I bet they taste great


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