Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Things we learned this weekend.

Lesson #1: Hit a bird, get a beer.
We rowed up in Rancho Cordova this weekend, & during our 4, I & I discovered that they hadn't cleared the birds from the course. Now, I don't have a tally, but our boat didn't stop, and we were putting those oars back & forth with no small amount of force... oops.

Lesson #2: Take a day & a half off, become a valued team member!
It would seem no one outside of my dept. knew that I was going to be out of the office. At least, that's what the emails I came in to would indicate...

Although, by far, my favorite message is from CoWorkerS, who is one of the other Corporate-to-NonProfit freaks like me & therefore has the same ::eyebrow raise:: reaction to a lot of the same things I do....
Have fun with this, I know you will. Do a good job you have to make me look good and I will take all the credit for it.

I'm doing her work first. You know why? I like that she's honest.

In other news, spent my Row-erversairy helping with the first day of Learn To Row camp. ZenMasterH, P, & YoungWill were there as well, and we got to watch everyone get through the paces of "This is a boat. This is an oar. This is how you carry the boat. This is an erg." Also discovered that we actually have a video for how to erg. I've been rowing for a year now, and when it got turned on I looked at ZenMasterH & whispered, "Dude, we have a video?"

Spent this morning learning how to rig a quad. G sent Beavis & I over to the Lola & went, "Okay, you two go ahead & rig this, & don't leave until it's done." Now, both Beavis & I have been sculling a fair bit, but neither of us knew how to put a quad together. So we kind of looked at one another, shrugged & went, "Here goes nothing." We had the boat half-rigged when A came over & remarked, "You guys know you have all the riggers backwards, right?"

Um, oops.


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