Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey, guess what? Timestamps don't lie.

So, right. This manual that I had to write. Well, honestly, it's tedious, & it takes a while.

And the volunteer manager is freaking out because her event (the one I'm using as the example) isn't live. So is the Volunteer Dir. I'm getting daily emails saying, "Why isn't it up? It needs to be up! We told the Volunteer in charge that it would be up last Wednesday, and he's angry with us!" I have chosen to simply plug along and continue my work because I know that even if I gave in to them & just ditched the manual, three weeks from now, the girl taking over this aspect of my job for them would be screwed.

This morning, at our dept. meeting, I explain to our CEO why it's taking a while. CEO was cool, she tells me in front of my other two co-workers, "No, that's fine, just go ahead & do what you have to do..." meeting's over, I return to my desk & keep on plugging away.

Two hours later, I suddenly get an email saying, in bold This event has to go live by the end of the day today.

I was like... "wtf?" I literally called my co-worker over & went, "Read this and tell me if I missed a step somewhere along the way. Did I just go crazy & hallucinate our meeting this morning or what?" She agreed that no, she heard the CEO tell me that I was fine, and we both rolled our eyes at the Volunteer division, which has quite the reputation for not following deadlines.

Okay, fine. I ditch the manual and just go to finish up the registration process for the event. Upon opening the document they filed with their tech ticket for this event (which once they file the system does not allow them to delete or change!) I notice something:

Completion Date: 8/31

I'm sorry... what? I've been getting ragged on about this being for a week, and you didn't file for it to even be due until tomorrow?

I printed out copies of their documentation & passed them on to the CEO & the Vol. Dir. with the suggestion that they check their own paperwork before they make promises to their on-site volunteers.

Whatever. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a lunch for the first time in two weeks. Sadly, that pretty much just means I'll actually check my email at work while eating at my desk, but it's still more than I've done the last few days...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Note to Self - Photoshop, Web Browser ... biiiig difference.

So today, I'm... well, I'm basically writing a low-level tech manual. (yes, really) I'm typing up the procedure for how to set up our online registration process. Now, because I'm a designer & I
a) like things done properly
b) don't feel like answering ten bajillion questions when I turn this process over to the other dept.
yes, I know B in in vain, but let a girl dream, hrm?

I'm doing this complete with screen-grabs, captions, etc. To do that properly, you have to:

Web Browser: go to the next step in the process, hit Print Screen
Photoshop: open a new doc, hit paste, crop graphic accordingly, select all, copy
InDesign: paste graphic into document

and after a while, it becomes fairly monotonous & you can do the whole thing with keystrokes.

... do you have any idea how many times today I've gone to hit a button on the webpage, wondered why the hell it didn't work, & realize I was trying to navigate a user process that was actually the screen cap in Photoshop? 'cause hey, guess what - that totally doesn't work.


Friday, August 25, 2006

well, popped that cherry.

(Don't worry people, it's not a TMI post - as usual, I'm talking crew.)

See R.S. Monkey, this is what you miss by not coming to Friday practices.

Showed up for practice today, was in 7 seat in the lineup...and then I wasn't. So I looked at Coach I & asked, "So... what am I doin'?"

at which point I was sent to G - it wasn't his normal day, but SM & A were taking their singles out... and it would seem there' s a loaner Win-tech single in the boathouse at the moment, so he decided I got to go out in a single too.

Oh dear.

Lemme explain - my experience in rowing in a single is pretty much limited to wherries & Baycrafts - aka, wider boats that will allow me to be the beginner I am without putting my sorry ass in the Marina.

Regular singles tend to be a little more... equilibrium-fickle. Which I immediately became VERY aware of when G realized I didn't have a bow light & I had to back myself into the dock again... Of course, that was all for naught since we couldn't get the bow light to function & I just left w/o it. safety first! ;)

So there I am, doing okay... although hoo baby - ports to back, starboards to row (normal steering call for our traffic pattern when making a turn in our marina) - way the hell harder in a proper single than a wherry. But I'm going along, being careful to focus on technique & not put too much oomph behind things.. and I'm still doin' okay, although I did totally lose my stroke when I turned to see G filming me, and I'll have to explain to one of our novvies K that while he's in a quad, he has the safety to take his hand off the oars & wave because there are three other people in the boat with him, but in a single I really don't have that option available, so it's not that I was rude, it's more that I was kinda busy...

But yah. so. Two loops. Doin' decent. Come up on G in the launch again. (he was going between the three singles, & we all row at different levels right now, so the coaching was intermittent) He says, "Now I want power. 100%, full pressure, just pull the hell out of it."

And I'm all, "Uh, dude? I don't know if... Um... sure. okay."

I go up to the catch, I'm doing good, apply ALL the power my legs can expend (which is admittedly quite a bit)...

and I flip! My ass ends up in the Marina. My oars were so not right when they hit the water.

The best part was that there was this one LOOOOONG second of freeze frame where both G & I were like, "Can she save it?" because I just... teetered. And I actually had time to say, "Yeah, I'm goin' in."

A rowed by in her single as I was getting back in the boat and G shouts to her, "A, put on more pressure! Use more power!" at which I shouted, "But not too much!" :)
A said to me later, "I totally wanted to stop & laugh at you" - (thanks, friend!) - "but I was afraid if I did I'd go in too, so I just kept rowing..."

Once you're back in the boat, you might as well just keep going, so I was out there for a good half an hour more. I did, however, miss my film debut in a single since G had to leave, & I took the Longest. Shower. Ever. When I got back in the boat, he was worried I would be too cold - dude, I'm from New Hampshire, that part doesn't bother me. The reason the water was ridiculously hot was because of what I've seen float past in the water when 3&4 are out and 5&6 are in....gah!

Meanwhile, SM told me that she accidentally thwapped a pelican while she was out today. At least I can honestly say that no wildlife were startled into flight in the making of my practice...

Hopefully, the rest of my last summer Friday off work will be less eventful - after all, an oil change & a haircut can't be that bad, right? Totally.

Before anyone asks, no, G was not filming me when I went into the drink, so there will not be YouTube footage. Neener.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dude, that Pandora's got a GREAT box.

Thanks to DH, I spent the afternoon playing with It's an offshoot of the Music Genome Project that allows you to create a custom radio station (or ten).

Get an acct. (if you want it to save your settings) then type in an artist or song you like. It will then begin to generate the playlist according to that, and you can yea or nay what you like & what you don't, which will then affect the next tracks in the playlist. Like the ratings on NetFlix, but for music.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Because my ass is huge, that's why.

This morning, we rowed the white quad.

I hate the white quad.

Normally, I'm not fussy about my equipment - if nothing else, half the time I haven't been rowing long enough to know any better, so I just take the oar/boat/erg that I'm given & roll with it.

Then there's the white quad.

Lemme 'splain. Most girls that do crew tend to be tall. Why? because the sport works better that way. Now, taller girls = wider hips. Even the skinniest tall girl can't get around the proportional width of her hip bones. Bone is bone, people - you can't get any narrower. So women's boats are cut a little wider to allow for that.

Men's boats....aren't.

The white quad is a men's boat. But it's light as a feather, so the guys & the lightweights tend to row it, & us girls with hips row the black quad, aka Lola. I love Lola. Much like her name would suggest, Lola's a buxom kinda gal that's pretty much down for whatever you throw at her. I was actually looking forward to rowing the old girl this morning.

But, there were novices in the boathouse, and they needed the more stable boat, so we got switched. I'd avoided rowing the white quad for, oh, about six months since we got it, because I had a theory which was proven this morning:

My ass is too big for the freakin' boat.

I got about halfway up the slide & the bolts for the rigging stopped my pelvis like I'd hit a wall. Which is to say, "ow". Moved my feet back in the line, and now I could get to a whopping 3/4 slide. You know what that's like? That's like trying to do a squat with about 100lbs across your shoulders, but you have to stop about halfway down and count to 10 before you can move back up. Now do that for an hour & a half. Now add pressure. And some more pressure. And slow your slide because you've got 25% less room than everyone else in the boat whose hips actually fit and can go to full slide. I got to the end of the row, & I couldn't feel my quads.

I'm seriously beginning to think that the reasoning "I haven't been rowing long enough to know any better" is why I end up in all the "special" seats that my coach has for me. I mean, yes, it's really great that I can row both sides and scull and manage a single on my own and bow a quad and erg with The Big Kids, because hey! I'm flexible! I can be put in any boat! and when there's a novice in 2 seat who hasn't been rowing long enough to know how to hold up the starboard side I'm the one that sits the next starboard up & ends up helping to bow the boat from 4 seat! (Yeah, R.S. Monkey, that's why you & Beavis could clear the water on the square on Sat)

Intellectually, I know that this will make me a better rower, and these are good opportunities, and in the long run, it's a good thing. But seriously, there are days, man. Times you get off the water & are so frustrated you just kind of want to cry. I sat down in my coach-assigned erg to do my 1k test yesterday - on the right was a former world record holder, on the left was a former member of the under-23 Nationals team - and my brain went, "Oh, come on - no fair!"
(Which also brings us to the lesson that one should never admit to the coach that you've been using the erg tests to help your issue with matching others' timing, because while most people run a 1k at a 28-32 on an erg, you'll end up next to the person that does it at a 35.)

So to sum up - I feel slow on an erg, discombobulated in my stroke, my quads hurt, and my ass is too damn big to fit in a boat, so to top it all off - I'm fat! I swear, it's like the equivalent of rowing PMS. I dunno. I'm probably just tired, and this too will pass. If nothing else, they released the schedule for fall races, & basically we'll racing every weekend from the 25th of Oct through the 15th of November... I'm not even counting the Charles boat, because I highly doubt I'll make that cut. My goal for the Head of the Charles training is just to make it through the 6k test on Tuesday with a split under 2:00/500m. I don't even expect to make the boat, I'm just trying to survive the training...

...meanwhile, in a true testament to how sick the Cult of Crew is, in thinking about going back east for Christmas, the thought occurred to me that I should see if there's anywhere that I could get a guest row while I'm in NH since the Christmas regatta & the Jan Long Beach races would be right before & after the holidays. I may or may not have googled "Rowing in New Hampshire", discovered there's a club right on the Merrimack River, & sent the link to my sister who's going to come watch a practice when she visits for a weekend at the end of Sept. Because my fat ass is sick that way.

Also, should I end up going back to Seattle, I'll have to make sure that I avoid The Killer Raccoons that lawgeekgurl warned us about.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You're all trying to get me in trouble, arn'cha?

So yesterday, when making lineups, G also says something to the effect of, "The following people are not allowed to talk in the boat: Justin, Rob, Claris... I don't want you talking to the people around you!"

Now, I'll be the first to admit that when I'm awake enough, I'm a Chatty Kathy in the boathouse - but seriously? Once we're in the boat, I go to STFU mode. (Okay, not when ZenmasterH is my coswain & I'm in stroke - but if I'm not in stroke, I shut up, I really do.) So I was mockingly offended at the fact that G besmirched my virtue in such a public fashion, but decided to wait for the pistols at dawn retribution until after practice.

Entrapment #1:
I go, I sit down in the boat, I'm so totally behaving. A plops herself into 6 seat in front of me, turns around, and starts talking to me. Dude, you're G's assist. coach at CYC, you should know better! So I kinda half-glare at her, and A stops, laughs, & goes, "Oh wait, you can't talk to me! ha ha!" and I hiss back, "That's right, I can't talk to you, now turn around & shut up!"

And from the cox seat, I hear G going, "Claris why are you talking? I can hear you!"

dude - wtf?

Entrapment #2:
Cut to today. Once again, as far as I know, I'm under the Jinx Edict, so I'm just sitting in 3 seat, trying to do transitions around the fact that PK (one of the coaches) doesn't really stop on the call, but just, you know, when he feels like it. (I finally bopped him in the back with the oar at one point to remind him to scoot up when I had to row. Neener!) So we're stopped, waiting to start a piece, and PK turns around & strikes up a conversation with me about 3 seat in the other boat! Who is she, where did she row, how's my row going today, rah rah rah... which you know, first off for him to be randomly chatty in a boat is unusual but hey, okay - at the same time, I'm thinking "If I get in trouble, I am so ratting your ass out for starting to talk to me first!"

In other news, the new shower curtain that A brought for the locker room is short, but otherwise fine. We need more ring...thingys though, so I'll hoof to Target tonight when I return the crappy screen switch to Best Buy & get some. A & I have started a small campaign to make the shower in the women's boathouse a bit more... liveable for those of us that use it five days a week. Considering that I'm a designer, and she's a kindergarden teacher, I was joking that we're going to have shiny stars on the wall by the time we're done. shiny stars!

Which actually brings me to a teensy ::eyebrow raise::
When we first started the Having a Shower We're Not Afraid Of campaign, I put a sign up saying, "On Friday, I am throwing out all the bottles in the shower. If you want yours, you need to write your name on it, or take it out." Because seriously? The clutter of half-empty bottles in that shower was just crazy-like. You couldn't turn for tripping over someone's old Trader Joe's organic shampoo. So it was up for a week & a half, & I threw everything out, rah, rah, rah. We even opened the curtain one day to find that PK had put racks up, which was utterly awesome - Coach L & I have kind of taken the top two racks on either side for our own* - if you saw us, you'd understand that was a decision made for height reasons.
*Because of the fact that I'm used to working out in a gym, the thought of leaving my stuff didn't even occur to me even after I'd cleared the place out until A suggested that I'd earned the right to it for cleaning the shower in the first place...

Well, one of the club members has been in Belgium for about a month & a half. She came back yesterday & was shocked that we'd thrown out her shampoo while she was gone. Scandalized, I tell you. It might even have been a small hoo in the zoo emotional moment for her. I felt like going, "That's why we had to clean stuff out - you left your stuff here while you left the country for a month and a half. I feel guilty if I leave my stuff in there over the weekend!"

Anyway, so in a less than shocking twist of events, the ending of this story is that tonight I'm going to go to Target & buy more shower curtain ring... thingys. Aren't you all glad I share these banalities with you? I thought so.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Dammit, the yellow should be Mac, the green Dell! Why do you not work right anymore! ::shakey fist::

The good:
• Both my Mac & my PC are now connected to the Internet, thank you ATT/SBC/Yahoo/
WhateverMeglomaniacalMonolithOfACorporation - INowOweMySoulToForInternetAccess
...also, I will get my rebate on my new multiSystem DSL modem in approx 10 - 12 weeks. Don't work too hard there, guys.

• I have also taken my very large boxy old monitor that I bought with the Mac five years ago and brought it out to my car so it can go to Out Of the Closet this afternoon. (The Mac has been heavily upgraded over the last five years... the monitor... not so much)

The bad:
• While the switch that I'd bought for a whopping $60 from Best Buy so that I could use my one flat screen for both hard drives worked great for about a day & a half, it decided to STOP working around 5:30 pm yesterday. I do not know why, but I'm thinking that it's going back to Best Buy tomorrow night, and I'm just going to order a generic from, which is what I should have done in the first place but was stupid & went to Best Buy because I could just walk there from my house.

Why do I not go & ask the BestBuy geeks to take a look at WHY it stopped working? because I learned a long time ago that the moment you say, "Mac" - the guys go, "Oh, well that's your problem" - even though they now sell macs in their store One day it's possible that one day, when asking for an adapter for something, I got that answer and finally just snapped, "Okay, you know what? I've done tech support, and that's not an acceptable fucking answer."

Actually, the sad thing about the whole rewiring of the back of my desk is that to get to my desk without hindrance, I had to clean up my office. And in cleaning up (&, admittedly, cleaning out) my office, I cleaned up the living room, and then the kitchen, and put all my laundry away... so in essence, I had to clean my whole apt. in order to rewire my computer(s). And that doesn't even take into account the shelves next to my computer(s), 'cause oy. They're still not done. ::sob::

Friday, August 18, 2006


I got to my desk today to find someone had left a donut from Starbucks sitting on top of what can only be called a bigass Hershey bar.

This tells me two things.
1. Somebody needs something done, and probably really fast.
2. It's possible my co-workers have picked up on my love of food.

Somewhere in that is commentary, I tell ya.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Behavioral Algebra: The Workplace Edition

This is a story of three escalating variables adding up to one solution

Blog = Yeah, that happens nowadays
So my friend J called me when I was in Seattle - it's come to her attention that one of her employees (whom I a shall henceforth refer to as Are You Fucking Kidding Me? - AYFKM? for short) has a blog. Now, since hey, I'm writing in a blog, and y'all are reading said writing... normally I wouldn't cite that as a problem.

Stupidity = Wow, you're kinda new the internet, huh?
So it would seem that when AYFKM? applied for the job, she didn't follow the advice of oh so many "how to present your resume" lists on - because, you see, she used her personal email to send out the resumes. Edit. note: E.Spat did this once by accident - different from AYFKM?, who had hers printed at the top of the resume. Now, as someone that does a lot of contract work, I'd have to say that using the same email for your blog as your job applications... not the best idea. Because eventually, someone that interviewed you will be procrastinating on turning in copy to the poor bastard that got half of my job duties when I ran like hell from the place, and Mr. Procrastinator just might google your email... find said blog, and discover that not only were you email ignorant, but you're also a dumbass who put her position and the name of the company she works for in her blog, thus eliminating any fucking chance of anonymity.

Fraud = Bitch, are you for real?
Now, with this background of easy traceability and coworkers with nothing better to do than google, I have another key piece of advice for AYFKM?. That would be the following. Are you listening, kids? Because what I'm about to say is very, very important, and I don't want you to miss it.

If you are going to be stupid enough to falsify your expense reports and overcharge the company when you are out at trade shows, it's probably not a good idea to brag about having done so in your publicly searchable blog.

and in answer to a couple of you that are staring at the screen right now, I shall pre-emptively answer, "Oh, yes... yes she did."

Now, I'm sure you can guess what my initial response was to the situation when I heard about it from about 1,000 miles away over the phone, "Yeah, that's an HR issue." However, having just now had the time to read the blog, I gave my Official Internet Professional Consult to J this afternoon...

...which brings us to today's

Behavioral Algebra: The Workplace Edition equation of the day:

(Blog + Stupidity)Fraud = So. Totally. Fired.

'cause seriously? wow.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go listen to Sarah McLachlan songs off of YouTube while my iPod is charging. Because while I'll be the first to admit that I have an abusive use of the internet in the workplace, I was also smart enough to make that an actual skill that applies to my profession. ;)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quotes from the office.

CoWorker Comment of the Day:
War & Peace is mostly pictures, the number of pages is truly misleading. My answers to your questions will be represented by drawings and stick figures, peppered with talking bubbles to explain the meaning.

heh. Working with other people my age is fun.

Things To Do on YouTube When Your iPod is charging.

Type in "Daily Show".

Pick any option.

::repress laughter::


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm not actually a Bostonian, I just play one in L.A.

When I first got to L.A., I would tell people I was from New Hampshire. (I'm actually from NY originally, but NH is easier than NY & NH) After about a month of living in CA, I started telling people I was from Boston.


Because I was tired of having to explain where New Hampshire is.

People who actually know their geography (or are from New England) often think I'm kidding when I explain this reasoning, but I'm not. I had this come up in job interviews where people would ask if NH was "one of the ones in the middle". Seriously. Or when asked, "How big is NH, anyway?" I now answer, "A little taller than Vermont."

And on the one hand, it sounds like a cynical viewpoint of the public. But then you see an article like this, and I'm torn between:
a) feeling way the hell better for my derisive opinon of the intelligence of the general populace
b) scared for the future

Current Events Dwarfed by Pop Culture.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Three quarters of Americans can correctly identify two of Snow White's seven dwarfs while only a quarter can name two Supreme Court Justices, according to a poll on pop culture released on Monday...


We's gots some bling, baby...

I got two silver medals in Seattle, and the club overall got... well, the word "plethora" could be applied to our haul, esp considering the size of the trophy for the Mixed 8+. I swear that thing is about three feet high. Also got to meet Energy Spatula, who is just as fantastic in real life as she is online - lemme tell ya, I've been doing this internet crap for almost a decade now, and that is not always the case.

E.Spat was not only kind enough to drive me to the airport, but brave enough to go to a dive-ey establishment named Dante's to have a drink with the rest of my team for an hour - of course, anyone that knows my teammates won't be surprised to know that E.Spat & I showed up on time, & everyone else was 20 min late. shocker! But still, as I said to her in the car on the way over, "I'd just like to take a moment & say thanks for being tolerant about the fact that you're going to a cheap bar to meet a bunch of people you don't know with someone you only met in real life about an hour & a half ago."

Anyway, Seattle was kewl enough - or the area around Greenlake, that is, since basically we spent four days hanging out by the boathouses there. Lotta dogs, but also a lot of Gentle Leaders & pinch collars, which I can't say I was down with. People, don't buy a dog just to complete your Crate & Barrel package, especially if you're not going to train it properly - that's how I ended up with a slightly unruly Weimeraner, because I took her away from people like you. ::sigh:: whatever, right? Totally.

Speaking of the unruly canine, Zoey was all about the fact that Mommy came home. You'd think she'd been horribly horribly alone while I was gone, but I know she wasn't - that dog had DaySitters, & NightSitters, & InBetweenSitters - at one point, the DayAunties were getting worried because my dog wasn't doing anything in the potty dept. when she went for a walk - they found out it was because she'd been walked 3 times in the last two hours* already. ::rollseyes::

Anyway, the completion of Nationals means that on a personal level, I have laundry to fold, an apt. to clean, and things to put to rights since I was gone for five days. On a crew level, it means we've cleared sprint season & it's time to start training for distance racing again. This morning was chock full of 20 minute pieces, all below a 24 rating. ooo-rah, baby. oo-rah.

*in my apt. bldg., we're almost all pet owners, so we all know where the spare keys to different apts. are hidden around the property in case of Pet-Induced Emergency - in this case, it meant that other dog owners would let their dogs out to run around, and open the door to my apt. because Zoey "looked so sad, so I let her out to play with us".

Monday, August 07, 2006

this is why they pay me the big bucks

Tech Support & Dating Advice
::DramaCoWorker having trouble with computer::
Claris walks over, hits "escape" key.
DramaCoWorker: ::gasp!!:: How did you do that?
Claris: General rule of geekery - when in doubt, hit Escape... Now, if only that worked on first dates.

Which brings me to my other gripe wherein boys suck. I'm just sayin'. I'm sorry to all the decent, reputable guy friends that I have, but right now - boys suck.

Well, if we're going to be honest, it's not all that much of a hardship for me to have to go to Target.

This morning, the lineups had me paired with Anne in the double. Totally cool, I like A - she's one of our college kids in for the summer, so she's 19... at some point this summer, I remembered her saying that she was a wee bit terrified to bow a boat (aka, be the poor sod in charge of rowing and steering at the same time) because at the end of the year at Stanford they'd just kind of dropped her in to race a single & gone, "Okay, have fun!"... and it would seem that didn't go well.

So today, I plunked A in stroke & I sat bow & we did our steady state where she had to function as bow - aka, learn how to row & steer, manipulate the boat based on a point in front of her and navigate the course while switching what your point is, how to flip your head around to look over your shoulder w/o interrupting the stroke rate, all that good stuff. She just got to do it with me in bow in case of Course Emergencies, so it's kind of like the extra steering wheel & e-brake they have in some Drivers' Ed cars - I was, in essence, her training wheels.

Now that sounds kind of impressive, but let's rewind the YouTube memory to us sitting at the top of the marina, about the start our set. Now, from my time in a single earlier this spring, I got in the habit of wearing a watch on the water. Why? Because after the second or third row where you realize that you are in a large body of water completely alone & there's no one to tell you when practice is over... you go to Target & spend $10. And then there are days like today, where you're sent out in the double w/o coaching supervision and god help us all, I'm the more experienced rower in the boat.

Problem being, I can't scull with my watch on - because of the positioning of my hands, the watch literally scrapes the skin off the knuckles of my right hand as it passes over - this is good because it means I'm finally getting my hands level both up the drive and on the recovery, but bad because of, you know, the whole "ow" factor. So I usually just attach it to the front rigging next to the speed coach - the meter that tells you your speed & the stroke rate.

However, I'm in bow, and the speed coach rigger is in the stern. Therefore, right before we start, I say, "Hey, I'm going to give you my watch, wrap it around the rigger next to the speed coach so we'll know when to go - " ::plop:: "oh shit."

That's right ladies & gentlemen, in the two feet I had to transport the few ounces that my watch weighs, I dropped it in the water. I benched a 135 my first try on a weight floor, and I can't lift a frickin' watch. Because I'm a genius.

I mean, don't get me wrong - I made an initial valiant attempt at rescuse. But really, in the end, it's a $10 Target watch that's only "water resistant" and has a scratched up face. We kinda sat there for a minute & watched the shiny buckle sink into the dark watery depths of the gasoline-laced marina water at 5:30am and Anne ever-so-innocently asked, "But, won't it float?"
To which I answered, "Yeah, I think if it was going to float, we would know by now, so I'm gonna guess... not."

So hey - I have one more thing to do tonight. However, as HulloKittyTeammate & I decided on Saturday night, a foray to Mecca Target isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


On the one hand, I like my coach, G. He's a nice guy, we get on well, rah rah, rah.

On the other, I am so tired, and I know that if I were to tell him that I've been fighting the habit of falling asleep at my desk between the hours of 9 - 12 each day, he'd just say that the fact I can actually stay awake means that I'm not pulling hard enough, because if I was using 100%, I wouldn't have anything left & I'd be asleep on the keyboard.

How's that for a love/hate relationship?

For those of you that know me on a personal level, we have two coffee urns in our office - one regular, and another which is the double - aka, two packets of CBTL coffee for the people who like it really strong.

I don't normally drink coffee at all. As one person that I used to hang with so perfectly summed up, "You're not allowed coffee. It's not fair to you, and it's not fair to us."

Today, I'm drinking from the Double Urn, and I'm just getting to the point where I'm getting fine motor function back...

Seriously though. Freakin' tired. Man, I felt so much better after last week when Mel mentioned to me that she was about to fall over too - while I was driving to my accountant last Friday trying to stay awake on the 210 E to Monrovia, she gave up, went home, and slept between 8 - 11 am & just went into work late.

Out of everyone in G's practices, I think I'm one of the... five(?) that isn't a post-collegiate rower, which means that almost everyone else has a minimum of four years' experience on me. (and in some cases, some of the women I row with have been rowing almost as long as I've been alive - we're talking National, Worlds and Olympic experience) So I figured it was just my inexperience that was making my six morning a week practice schedule cause me to be all droopy-eyed, but no no - G's killing everyone else too. And twisted as it might sound, I find that oddly comforting.

G's group really only has practice 3 weekdays & on Saturday, when we row for two hours instead of our normal hour. However, as I stated above, just about everyone else has at least 4 years on me, & the only way to get better is time on the water, so I go to the other groups' practices on mon & fri mornings. As you'll often hear repeated in a boathouse, "power is great, but ergs don't float". Mel was actually talking about an optional night practice for the people who can't make Wed. mornings because of work, and I had to concede that yeah, because of where I work, I can make those - that would bring me to seven practices a week, gods help me.

Thankfully, this morning was a slightly better row. Yesterday sucked. Like WindTunnelInReverse Suckage. G & I both agreed this morning that something's And the more I think about it, the worse it gets. And then you try not to think about thinking about it, and it's got this whole pink elephants thing going on. ::sigh::

The week before Nationals is not a good time for me to go all spastic.

I'm taking the weekend off from Messenger!Co. I could have worked guarantees both Sat & Sunday, but I think at this point, I've worked three weeks w/o a day off from any gig, so it's possible I really need the time to myself... so I'm going to go to DSpot's house on Sat night & let my coach mix a drink for me*, and then Sunday I intend to sleep a bunch, and clean my house to prepare for being out of town next week. Oy.

*G's night gig is as a bartender, so it's possible I may only need the one drink when he's in charge

One day, I'll have a non-crew update for this blog. Shut it, I totally will. Ironically enough, with our season's schedule, it'll probably be right around the time the '06 Bar Exam Refugees get their results, so we can all be anxious together. It'll be great, you watch & see. I probably won't make the Charles boat, but damned if I won't survive the training anyway...