Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey, guess what? Timestamps don't lie.

So, right. This manual that I had to write. Well, honestly, it's tedious, & it takes a while.

And the volunteer manager is freaking out because her event (the one I'm using as the example) isn't live. So is the Volunteer Dir. I'm getting daily emails saying, "Why isn't it up? It needs to be up! We told the Volunteer in charge that it would be up last Wednesday, and he's angry with us!" I have chosen to simply plug along and continue my work because I know that even if I gave in to them & just ditched the manual, three weeks from now, the girl taking over this aspect of my job for them would be screwed.

This morning, at our dept. meeting, I explain to our CEO why it's taking a while. CEO was cool, she tells me in front of my other two co-workers, "No, that's fine, just go ahead & do what you have to do..." meeting's over, I return to my desk & keep on plugging away.

Two hours later, I suddenly get an email saying, in bold This event has to go live by the end of the day today.

I was like... "wtf?" I literally called my co-worker over & went, "Read this and tell me if I missed a step somewhere along the way. Did I just go crazy & hallucinate our meeting this morning or what?" She agreed that no, she heard the CEO tell me that I was fine, and we both rolled our eyes at the Volunteer division, which has quite the reputation for not following deadlines.

Okay, fine. I ditch the manual and just go to finish up the registration process for the event. Upon opening the document they filed with their tech ticket for this event (which once they file the system does not allow them to delete or change!) I notice something:

Completion Date: 8/31

I'm sorry... what? I've been getting ragged on about this being for a week, and you didn't file for it to even be due until tomorrow?

I printed out copies of their documentation & passed them on to the CEO & the Vol. Dir. with the suggestion that they check their own paperwork before they make promises to their on-site volunteers.

Whatever. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a lunch for the first time in two weeks. Sadly, that pretty much just means I'll actually check my email at work while eating at my desk, but it's still more than I've done the last few days...


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