Monday, August 28, 2006

Note to Self - Photoshop, Web Browser ... biiiig difference.

So today, I'm... well, I'm basically writing a low-level tech manual. (yes, really) I'm typing up the procedure for how to set up our online registration process. Now, because I'm a designer & I
a) like things done properly
b) don't feel like answering ten bajillion questions when I turn this process over to the other dept.
yes, I know B in in vain, but let a girl dream, hrm?

I'm doing this complete with screen-grabs, captions, etc. To do that properly, you have to:

Web Browser: go to the next step in the process, hit Print Screen
Photoshop: open a new doc, hit paste, crop graphic accordingly, select all, copy
InDesign: paste graphic into document

and after a while, it becomes fairly monotonous & you can do the whole thing with keystrokes.

... do you have any idea how many times today I've gone to hit a button on the webpage, wondered why the hell it didn't work, & realize I was trying to navigate a user process that was actually the screen cap in Photoshop? 'cause hey, guess what - that totally doesn't work.



At 10:35 PM, Anonymous mrwhy said...

Dude, havent you told this same story before at a previous job? It seems awfully familiar

At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Blackjack Game said...

In my opinion you have misled.


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