Friday, August 25, 2006

well, popped that cherry.

(Don't worry people, it's not a TMI post - as usual, I'm talking crew.)

See R.S. Monkey, this is what you miss by not coming to Friday practices.

Showed up for practice today, was in 7 seat in the lineup...and then I wasn't. So I looked at Coach I & asked, "So... what am I doin'?"

at which point I was sent to G - it wasn't his normal day, but SM & A were taking their singles out... and it would seem there' s a loaner Win-tech single in the boathouse at the moment, so he decided I got to go out in a single too.

Oh dear.

Lemme explain - my experience in rowing in a single is pretty much limited to wherries & Baycrafts - aka, wider boats that will allow me to be the beginner I am without putting my sorry ass in the Marina.

Regular singles tend to be a little more... equilibrium-fickle. Which I immediately became VERY aware of when G realized I didn't have a bow light & I had to back myself into the dock again... Of course, that was all for naught since we couldn't get the bow light to function & I just left w/o it. safety first! ;)

So there I am, doing okay... although hoo baby - ports to back, starboards to row (normal steering call for our traffic pattern when making a turn in our marina) - way the hell harder in a proper single than a wherry. But I'm going along, being careful to focus on technique & not put too much oomph behind things.. and I'm still doin' okay, although I did totally lose my stroke when I turned to see G filming me, and I'll have to explain to one of our novvies K that while he's in a quad, he has the safety to take his hand off the oars & wave because there are three other people in the boat with him, but in a single I really don't have that option available, so it's not that I was rude, it's more that I was kinda busy...

But yah. so. Two loops. Doin' decent. Come up on G in the launch again. (he was going between the three singles, & we all row at different levels right now, so the coaching was intermittent) He says, "Now I want power. 100%, full pressure, just pull the hell out of it."

And I'm all, "Uh, dude? I don't know if... Um... sure. okay."

I go up to the catch, I'm doing good, apply ALL the power my legs can expend (which is admittedly quite a bit)...

and I flip! My ass ends up in the Marina. My oars were so not right when they hit the water.

The best part was that there was this one LOOOOONG second of freeze frame where both G & I were like, "Can she save it?" because I just... teetered. And I actually had time to say, "Yeah, I'm goin' in."

A rowed by in her single as I was getting back in the boat and G shouts to her, "A, put on more pressure! Use more power!" at which I shouted, "But not too much!" :)
A said to me later, "I totally wanted to stop & laugh at you" - (thanks, friend!) - "but I was afraid if I did I'd go in too, so I just kept rowing..."

Once you're back in the boat, you might as well just keep going, so I was out there for a good half an hour more. I did, however, miss my film debut in a single since G had to leave, & I took the Longest. Shower. Ever. When I got back in the boat, he was worried I would be too cold - dude, I'm from New Hampshire, that part doesn't bother me. The reason the water was ridiculously hot was because of what I've seen float past in the water when 3&4 are out and 5&6 are in....gah!

Meanwhile, SM told me that she accidentally thwapped a pelican while she was out today. At least I can honestly say that no wildlife were startled into flight in the making of my practice...

Hopefully, the rest of my last summer Friday off work will be less eventful - after all, an oil change & a haircut can't be that bad, right? Totally.

Before anyone asks, no, G was not filming me when I went into the drink, so there will not be YouTube footage. Neener.


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous MrWhyt said...

I'd point and laugh but I fear your wrath. Hey that rhymes, I have mad poet skillz, yo.


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