Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We's gots some bling, baby...

I got two silver medals in Seattle, and the club overall got... well, the word "plethora" could be applied to our haul, esp considering the size of the trophy for the Mixed 8+. I swear that thing is about three feet high. Also got to meet Energy Spatula, who is just as fantastic in real life as she is online - lemme tell ya, I've been doing this internet crap for almost a decade now, and that is not always the case.

E.Spat was not only kind enough to drive me to the airport, but brave enough to go to a dive-ey establishment named Dante's to have a drink with the rest of my team for an hour - of course, anyone that knows my teammates won't be surprised to know that E.Spat & I showed up on time, & everyone else was 20 min late. shocker! But still, as I said to her in the car on the way over, "I'd just like to take a moment & say thanks for being tolerant about the fact that you're going to a cheap bar to meet a bunch of people you don't know with someone you only met in real life about an hour & a half ago."

Anyway, Seattle was kewl enough - or the area around Greenlake, that is, since basically we spent four days hanging out by the boathouses there. Lotta dogs, but also a lot of Gentle Leaders & pinch collars, which I can't say I was down with. People, don't buy a dog just to complete your Crate & Barrel package, especially if you're not going to train it properly - that's how I ended up with a slightly unruly Weimeraner, because I took her away from people like you. ::sigh:: whatever, right? Totally.

Speaking of the unruly canine, Zoey was all about the fact that Mommy came home. You'd think she'd been horribly horribly alone while I was gone, but I know she wasn't - that dog had DaySitters, & NightSitters, & InBetweenSitters - at one point, the DayAunties were getting worried because my dog wasn't doing anything in the potty dept. when she went for a walk - they found out it was because she'd been walked 3 times in the last two hours* already. ::rollseyes::

Anyway, the completion of Nationals means that on a personal level, I have laundry to fold, an apt. to clean, and things to put to rights since I was gone for five days. On a crew level, it means we've cleared sprint season & it's time to start training for distance racing again. This morning was chock full of 20 minute pieces, all below a 24 rating. ooo-rah, baby. oo-rah.

*in my apt. bldg., we're almost all pet owners, so we all know where the spare keys to different apts. are hidden around the property in case of Pet-Induced Emergency - in this case, it meant that other dog owners would let their dogs out to run around, and open the door to my apt. because Zoey "looked so sad, so I let her out to play with us".


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