Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You're all trying to get me in trouble, arn'cha?

So yesterday, when making lineups, G also says something to the effect of, "The following people are not allowed to talk in the boat: Justin, Rob, Claris... I don't want you talking to the people around you!"

Now, I'll be the first to admit that when I'm awake enough, I'm a Chatty Kathy in the boathouse - but seriously? Once we're in the boat, I go to STFU mode. (Okay, not when ZenmasterH is my coswain & I'm in stroke - but if I'm not in stroke, I shut up, I really do.) So I was mockingly offended at the fact that G besmirched my virtue in such a public fashion, but decided to wait for the pistols at dawn retribution until after practice.

Entrapment #1:
I go, I sit down in the boat, I'm so totally behaving. A plops herself into 6 seat in front of me, turns around, and starts talking to me. Dude, you're G's assist. coach at CYC, you should know better! So I kinda half-glare at her, and A stops, laughs, & goes, "Oh wait, you can't talk to me! ha ha!" and I hiss back, "That's right, I can't talk to you, now turn around & shut up!"

And from the cox seat, I hear G going, "Claris why are you talking? I can hear you!"

dude - wtf?

Entrapment #2:
Cut to today. Once again, as far as I know, I'm under the Jinx Edict, so I'm just sitting in 3 seat, trying to do transitions around the fact that PK (one of the coaches) doesn't really stop on the call, but just, you know, when he feels like it. (I finally bopped him in the back with the oar at one point to remind him to scoot up when I had to row. Neener!) So we're stopped, waiting to start a piece, and PK turns around & strikes up a conversation with me about 3 seat in the other boat! Who is she, where did she row, how's my row going today, rah rah rah... which you know, first off for him to be randomly chatty in a boat is unusual but hey, okay - at the same time, I'm thinking "If I get in trouble, I am so ratting your ass out for starting to talk to me first!"

In other news, the new shower curtain that A brought for the locker room is short, but otherwise fine. We need more ring...thingys though, so I'll hoof to Target tonight when I return the crappy screen switch to Best Buy & get some. A & I have started a small campaign to make the shower in the women's boathouse a bit more... liveable for those of us that use it five days a week. Considering that I'm a designer, and she's a kindergarden teacher, I was joking that we're going to have shiny stars on the wall by the time we're done. shiny stars!

Which actually brings me to a teensy ::eyebrow raise::
When we first started the Having a Shower We're Not Afraid Of campaign, I put a sign up saying, "On Friday, I am throwing out all the bottles in the shower. If you want yours, you need to write your name on it, or take it out." Because seriously? The clutter of half-empty bottles in that shower was just crazy-like. You couldn't turn for tripping over someone's old Trader Joe's organic shampoo. So it was up for a week & a half, & I threw everything out, rah, rah, rah. We even opened the curtain one day to find that PK had put racks up, which was utterly awesome - Coach L & I have kind of taken the top two racks on either side for our own* - if you saw us, you'd understand that was a decision made for height reasons.
*Because of the fact that I'm used to working out in a gym, the thought of leaving my stuff didn't even occur to me even after I'd cleared the place out until A suggested that I'd earned the right to it for cleaning the shower in the first place...

Well, one of the club members has been in Belgium for about a month & a half. She came back yesterday & was shocked that we'd thrown out her shampoo while she was gone. Scandalized, I tell you. It might even have been a small hoo in the zoo emotional moment for her. I felt like going, "That's why we had to clean stuff out - you left your stuff here while you left the country for a month and a half. I feel guilty if I leave my stuff in there over the weekend!"

Anyway, so in a less than shocking twist of events, the ending of this story is that tonight I'm going to go to Target & buy more shower curtain ring... thingys. Aren't you all glad I share these banalities with you? I thought so.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger R.S. Monkey said...

Could be other reasons for the Chatty Cathy in 4 - HHHHmmmmmm!?!?!?!


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