Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rumors of my death... aren't that far off.

New boss.
Freelance to finish.
Practice to attend.
Sleep to be deprived of.
Apartment that direly needs cleaning.
Bulletin board that I need to get fuzzy yarn for so that we can start a-pimpin' it out.

Things that would have commentary if I had time to provide it, so think of something cool & pretend I said it.
1. My therapist is moving out of town on the day my sister arrives to visit for the first time since I moved out here four years ago. heh.

2. So yes, I totally do internet dating, & now has context-driven ads next to the profiles. The one that showed up for my search today?
Large Friends - Date Fat Girls in your City
Dedicated club for meeting fat singles for love or relationship. Free membership.

Jeebus, man. I know my stomach still has about 10 pounds to go before it's flat, but really that's a little uncalled for!