Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stop the whirligig, I need to get off.

I called a co-worker a whirlygig of fun the other day, & she didn't believe "whirligig" was a real word. I made her look it up on dictionary.com, & hey, it's a real word. Yay real words!

I am tired, people. Verra, verra tired. I've got three active freelance clients in the last... oh, 30% worth of work on their sites, and a fourth that's kind of dithering with her last 50%, I've got a trip to Boston on the 21st, and the Big!Gala! for Altruism!Co. on Nov. 4th. My brain, she's ready to shut off.

Which is totally why I decided to do the first L.A. half marathon on Dec. 3rd. 'cause I'm on crack that way. Actually, I decided to do it because I'm not really crosstraining as I should be, & if I don't have an actual goal, I won't crosstrain, which will inevitably lead to me getting injured, and that would be bad. So I've got to go sign up & give them my $55. I also have to send the info to A & S, because it would seem that I'm not the only member of my crew team that's a little bit on rowing overload as we hit the last two weeks before the Charles - of course, they're also the only other two people besides me that have been to just about every single practice five or six days a week since June, so I think it's a little understandable that we're kind of hitting the wall, even if there are still three regattas to go after Boston. Head of the American, Head of the Marina, and NARF. Oy. R.S. Monkey, do you realize it's going to be our Competition Rowerversairy at Head of the Marina? I think the Mighty Four needs to tailgate out of the back of my car again in celebration of survival. *g* Of course, if I end up doing Head of the American in a single, I'm really gonna need a drink after that, straight shot course or not.

I have to say though, that even just running four miles around my neighborhood with Zoey last night actually felt good - I've been mostly living on the elliptical & the erg, & really only running a mile to warm up lately, and Zoey loves to run, so I think that forcing myself to work out in an environment that doesn't involve central air, girls that do cardio in makeup, and guys wearing spandex with suspenders will be good for me. Don't get me wrong, the facilities at my gym are great, and I got a ridiculously cheap price on my membership because the guy that was doing sales knows that I used to do his job so he didn't bother trying to upsell me (which is probably why he's since been made the manager of the place), but when your gym is in the section of Hollywood surrounded by studios & is next to a dance studio... it's possible there's a certain Barbie Factor. As my brother said when he lived with me for two weeks, "The gym is great, but the environment is kinda... special. That's it. Your gym is special."

So I started this entry at about 8:15 am. It is now 2:15 pm, & in the interim, I've managed to pitch two year-long data collection projects, propose major changes to our corporate sponsorship packets, blatantly use Anya's job to get me the info I'll need for the sponsorship packets (which I think scared my boss with the turnaround time on "Yeah, I've already called someone"), do a rush job to thank two House of Representatives members & a Senator, a quick conference call with a freelance client, and fix a billing issue with another client's server. None of these things were on my agenda for the day, and I have two hours left before I am openly bailing from my office to go to the gym & then meet SpecialK at my house to have what is becoming our monthly "I have mending/glueing/sewing/other project to do but need another set of hands" night at my apt.


Oh, and I need to write back to the guy that I've been emailing with from OnlineDatingSite - all the people in LA that could be on this site, I get emailed by another rower. No. Joke.
Stop laughing, R.S. Monkey - he did 4 yrs at Ohio State & used to row with OtherClubInTheMarinaThatRowsWhiteBoats. True story.
But before I dash off again, is anyone else really saddened by the fact that the GOP managed to get McCain to drink the Kool-Aid? I mean, seriously, your party's been in office for six years. There's only so long you can blame the last guy & without sounding like your dog ate your homework, people.

Random Nantucket Nectars factoid: Nantucket Airlines named one of their planes Flagship Whalers in honor of the Nantucket High School sports teams.


At 4:13 PM, Anonymous MrWhyt said...

So you've added a half marathon and the associated training to your already insane schedule, has anyone told you that you're a crazy person?

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Megdalen said...

Pfft. You are not a crazy person, you are just Claris. If it were not a marathon it would be some sort of knitting/skydiving combo. So I am in no way concerned. I *am* concerned that there has not been any sort of evite for Boston, so add that to your ever-growing list!!! :)


At 6:48 PM, Blogger Galactichero said...

Reading your blog makes me tired.

That can be taken many ways...


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