Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Every customer is special & unique.* And you uniqueness is why I've chosen to not deal with you.

I ditched a client today. Or last night, rather. I've never done that before, just walked from a job. I pretty much always finish the job. But this one... I'm not going to go into details, but this was literally a matter of, "Okay, I'm keeping the deposit, here's all the work, you do whatever you want with it, best of luck, buhbye."

I knew when she had read the email because my phone rang four times between 7:30 & 8 am this morning. She's also texted me twice because she's paranoid about me putting discs in the mail to her. Yeah no, dude, I don't wanna deal with you in person. I asked the guy in our mail room to put a tracking number on the envelope, I'll email her the tracking number and she can watch it religiously for the 24 hours it will take for the envelope to go from Manhattan Beach to her P.O. Box in Beverly Hills.

It's like the career version of a breakup, I tell you.

On the one hand, I know I'm doing the right thing for me, because I'm already feeling better. I literally was getting to the point where all I did was work on her stuff so I could finish the gig, and then she would revise even after I explained that we couldn't, and I would have to go back again. I'd been hating working on freelance lately because of it. But now I'm already thinking, "I can go finish the product list for XClient tonight..." and "I'll have time to work on YClient's opening tonight..."

On the other, I have these voicemails on my cellphone that I know I'm going to have to erase without even listening to them. Because if I do, I'll start to feel guilty.

::sigh:: I need less of a conscience, I tell you. And when I'm saying that, you know it's bad.

...which brings me to the fact that I know that a certain member of my dept. has returned. I know this because before I even turned around I could smell her presence. And not in the good way.

*actual sentence that I heard my HelloKittyCoWorker say to the guy at Enterprise when he was giving her a hard time about her rental car. We've since turned it into a phrase of mockage. hee.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Boss:

On your first day, you introduced yourself to the dept. & repeated the sentence, "But don't worry, I'm not a micromanager" about five times.

Maybe it was me being all wacky & paranoid, but I sort of took that as a warning sign.

Sadly, I was right. ::sigh::

Anyway, as part of your quest to rule the world and dictate our breathing patterns, you've moved our weekly dept. meetings, which used to be casual affairs in our actual dept., to the conference room. Possibly this is in part to the fact that several members of our dept., myself included, actually started getting up to walk away from the meeting & go back to our desks to voluntarily go back to doing work rather than sit there while various other members of our dept. rambled on. However, instead of trying to fix the problem that was kind of indicated by three of your four staff members bailing from the meeting, you put us somewhere that we can't politely escape. Way to go. (Incidentally, we're thinking that we may all have to go to the bathroom next time.)

But seriously. Seriously, I know I don't have a lot of managerial experience, it's not like I ran a dept of 40 people twice my age when I was 19 & doubled the output per shift, or I was a project manager for a major utility company or... okay, sure, I'm a young'in who finds your attempts to be my mom annoying, I realize that my expertise is limited & surely not worth your time.

However, on a grammatical note, I would like to humbly suggest the following. When setting up the Outlook reminder for your dept. meetings, we're way less likely to smirk if you spell "weekly" in a proper fashion. I don't know what a "Weelly" Meeting is, but I'm sure I'll be given specs & semantics from the outside agency that Altruism!Co has hired so that I can just carry out their directions rather than actually think in a fashion such as the company hired me to do.

I'm just sayin'.

~ Claris

who is thinking that since this is the second in-house mktg. dept. she's been hired into who then insists they need an outside ad agency to tell them what to do, she just might go to an ad agency since they seem to be the only people qualified to actually make any decisions. Plus, well... they pay better. Once again... just sayin'.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are we there yet?

Last night, I ran 8 miles.

I'd never done that before.

In October, I signed up for the 1st LA half-marathon. My running distance pretty much taps out around 5 miles, and once we got past regatta season, I knew I'd need a new training goal. (because I'm sick like that, that's why) So I've been running, running.. and not going any further than 5 miles.

Well, a half-marathon is 13, so 5 miles ain't really helping the goal.

So last night, I decided eh, fuck it, I'm gonna make the jump to eight. (my two running routes are a 3 mile and then the five mile is the 3 mile with a 2 mile added on. By going to 8, I could just redo the 3mile loop & not have to worry about a pedometer.) If nothing else, it was worth it for

a) the look on Zoey's face when we didn't stop at the end of the five miles route - I swear I saw the canine version of "what the fuck?"
b) we've finally hit the distance where we get to the end of the run & my dog is actually tired. Thank the gods.

I stretched for about half an hour after, and I lost a bit of my ability to carry on a cognizant conversation with lawgeekgurl when she called, but other than that I woke up today being pretty all right. Which just means that I get to do it again on Thurs night, and then next week I'll go to ten miles.

For Christmas, I think I'm getting myself a massage. Indeed.