Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are we there yet?

Last night, I ran 8 miles.

I'd never done that before.

In October, I signed up for the 1st LA half-marathon. My running distance pretty much taps out around 5 miles, and once we got past regatta season, I knew I'd need a new training goal. (because I'm sick like that, that's why) So I've been running, running.. and not going any further than 5 miles.

Well, a half-marathon is 13, so 5 miles ain't really helping the goal.

So last night, I decided eh, fuck it, I'm gonna make the jump to eight. (my two running routes are a 3 mile and then the five mile is the 3 mile with a 2 mile added on. By going to 8, I could just redo the 3mile loop & not have to worry about a pedometer.) If nothing else, it was worth it for

a) the look on Zoey's face when we didn't stop at the end of the five miles route - I swear I saw the canine version of "what the fuck?"
b) we've finally hit the distance where we get to the end of the run & my dog is actually tired. Thank the gods.

I stretched for about half an hour after, and I lost a bit of my ability to carry on a cognizant conversation with lawgeekgurl when she called, but other than that I woke up today being pretty all right. Which just means that I get to do it again on Thurs night, and then next week I'll go to ten miles.

For Christmas, I think I'm getting myself a massage. Indeed.


At 2:54 PM, Blogger Megdalen said...

Yes! You should definitely get a massage. But if you get a recommendation from a hotel and the person turns out to be a male prostitute who also deals meth on the side, you'll prbably have to give up that career as a professional evangelical. Oops! That was someone else, sorry.

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Brian D. said...

I just tried to add a half mile every 2 weeks. It worked okay up to a point. I wish I had known I was wearing the wrong shoes earlier.


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