Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Boss:

On your first day, you introduced yourself to the dept. & repeated the sentence, "But don't worry, I'm not a micromanager" about five times.

Maybe it was me being all wacky & paranoid, but I sort of took that as a warning sign.

Sadly, I was right. ::sigh::

Anyway, as part of your quest to rule the world and dictate our breathing patterns, you've moved our weekly dept. meetings, which used to be casual affairs in our actual dept., to the conference room. Possibly this is in part to the fact that several members of our dept., myself included, actually started getting up to walk away from the meeting & go back to our desks to voluntarily go back to doing work rather than sit there while various other members of our dept. rambled on. However, instead of trying to fix the problem that was kind of indicated by three of your four staff members bailing from the meeting, you put us somewhere that we can't politely escape. Way to go. (Incidentally, we're thinking that we may all have to go to the bathroom next time.)

But seriously. Seriously, I know I don't have a lot of managerial experience, it's not like I ran a dept of 40 people twice my age when I was 19 & doubled the output per shift, or I was a project manager for a major utility company or... okay, sure, I'm a young'in who finds your attempts to be my mom annoying, I realize that my expertise is limited & surely not worth your time.

However, on a grammatical note, I would like to humbly suggest the following. When setting up the Outlook reminder for your dept. meetings, we're way less likely to smirk if you spell "weekly" in a proper fashion. I don't know what a "Weelly" Meeting is, but I'm sure I'll be given specs & semantics from the outside agency that Altruism!Co has hired so that I can just carry out their directions rather than actually think in a fashion such as the company hired me to do.

I'm just sayin'.

~ Claris

who is thinking that since this is the second in-house mktg. dept. she's been hired into who then insists they need an outside ad agency to tell them what to do, she just might go to an ad agency since they seem to be the only people qualified to actually make any decisions. Plus, well... they pay better. Once again... just sayin'.


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